DICE disables proximity sensors to repair Battlefield 2042 rubber bands, destroys other throwable

DICE may be on the right track to find out the cause of one of the most annoying problems in Battlefield 2042 so far: intermittent rubber bands in multiplayer matches.

Yesterday, the developer disabled the throw-away proximity sensor, believing it had something to do with the widespread rubber band problem that gamers have experienced since early access began. DICE later performed some tests and found that removing the sensor helped with the server’s performance, so it decided to keep it disabled as it performs more tests.

The proximity sensor remains disabled, but DICE managed to implement a server-side fix, which it said further improved server performance. The problem is that along the way in all this cracked other boxes.

When you select a throwbar (grenade, etc.) through the deployment screen, the user interface displays incorrect icons. This makes players think that they can not choose the malleable one they want, but it is only a visual error. DICE confirmed that the castable you choose will be what you spawn with, no matter what the user interface displays.

While it’s great to see DICE move fast to solve such a widespread problem, this is not the first time the user interface has basically lied to us. Players have recently discovered that the weapon customization screen is misleading, with descriptions of attachments that do not match what they are actually doing.

For a list of all other Battlefield 2042 known issues on DICE’s radar, check out the link.

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