Ducks puts GM/President Bob Murray on administrative

There's no price for a bad boss, Bob.

There’s no price for a bad boss, Bob.
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It’s going to be another banner day for the NHL anytime story awaits about Anaheim GM and president Bob Murray drops.

The Ducks put Murray on administrative leave as a preemptive strike before conducting their own investigation. The LA Times outlines your usual unhinged exec, yelling at everyone and creating an atmosphere where everyone is terrified to even step on the gas. We will know more in the coming days.

It’s hard to believe that a man is so stable and mature that he… almost beheaded a woman while throwing a chair after the Ducks lost a playoff game could create such a toxic work environment. He also got out of that lawsuit, not because anyone disputed that he hit that woman with a chair he threw, but because of a technicality.

It is a new step for sport because it concludes, intentionally or unintentionally, that yelling and intimidation are not real signs of leadership. Less and less we see coaches yelling and stomping on the bench or sidelines at their players. Especially since it has been well proven that players have a lot more power over a coach if they want to use it. This also applies to the front offices.

Part of the reason the Blackhawks launched themselves into the swamp they are currently in is because of the terror former President John McDonough inflicted on the offices. McDonough was legendary for treating his employees like manure on his shoe, and that was really all he was good at. You can bet that in 2010, when McDonough told the rest of the Hawks staff that he would take care of it, none of the others dared to bother him. But it certainly wasn’t because McDonough had all the answers, or any of them, it turned out.

Anyone who is in a position of power or authority whose first instinct is to yell and belittle and insult is a sure sign of insecurity and not knowledge. It’s the foundation and last resort for someone who probably knows they don’t belong there and is doing their best to keep someone from finding out. It’s a complete lack of ideas or empathy. And more and more places are discovering that. It looks like Anaheim will be next.


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