EA indicates Greenlights New Fight Night, but progress put on hold by the UFC

Fight Night Champion PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Fight Night will re-enter the ring, according to a report by VGC – but EA Sports prioritizes a new UFC title first. It’s been over 10 years – and an entire console generation – since Fight Night Champion came out on PlayStation 3, leaving many to assume that EA had permanently shelved its boxing brand. But with the announcement of EA Sports College Football and the EA Sports PGA Tour, there has been a willingness on the part of the publisher to diversify its catalog lately – and a new fighter named Moneyball has apparently been given the green light.

Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to wait years to play it. According to “development sources”, the publisher has temporarily stopped production of its boxing project to focus on EA Sports UFC 5, which is apparently ready for release late next year. VGC claims to have seen internal emails in which the publisher explains that it has had difficulty manning up to Fight Night and therefore cannot set it up at the same time as its mixed martial arts game.

“We are very excited about EA Sports UFC 5 and we want to eliminate the divided focus that several members of our management team have had in the past, while focusing solely on delivering high quality migration and EA Sports UFC 5,” it says in the email. There is no information on when the work will transition to the new Fight Night game, but based on what VGC reports, it sounds like it will not go into full production until 2023.

Meanwhile, EA Sports may find itself facing stiff competition from the eSports Boxing Club, which looks set to become something special. Although there is no release date attached to the UK-developed fight, it has put together a huge list of licensed fighter jets and the gameplay looks spectacular. Should these two titles eventually go their separate ways, this will be a bigger match than Joshua vs Fury – provided that match is ever going to happen.


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