Elden Ring | Enjoy gameplay today

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a great one. Connect Game Informer’s resident Souls expert Dan Tack, along with Marcus Stewart and Alex Stadnik as they show off some brand new gameplay from Elden Ring, the long-awaited open world that comes from the masterminds behind Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro.

In this extra long episode of New Gameplay Today, the crew spills over every detail of the world and fills you with not only new looks on the game, but also practical impressions. But what can players expect when they get their fingers in either the upcoming network test or the entire game in February next year?

Fans will find a lot of new and familiar sensations when they start the Fire Ring. According to Tack, the game feels much more in line with the Souls games than anything like Sekiro, but they are not a one-on-one match. The addition of jumps, new combat maneuvers and horse combat makes Elden Ring feel like its own entity and learns from the previous titles to create an engaging experience for fans of the genre.


you want to fight is also very new. Around the open world, players will find caves and catacombs full of dangerous enemies and traps to conquer. They will also find enemies – monsters that could be considered mini-bosses, but who will not provide the challenge that some of their larger counterparts will. Whether out in the open world or on the golden path of history, Great Enemies, such as some of the dragons we’ve seen in trailers, will offer the sharp level of challenge and triumph, while also losing precious rewards for helping. your quest through games.

From the map to upgrades and new combat moves that are frankly as much as the crew discuss that we can not cover it all here. For that, be sure to go over to Tack’s writing for even more information on the Elden Ring. If you liked this video, remember to keep an eye on this week’s episode of The GI show and our YouTube channel for more on FromSoftware’s exciting new title.

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