Eli Manning has a new talk show

Who's here for the (check notes) ... Eli Manning's talk show?

Who’s here for the (check notes) … Eli Manning’s talk show?
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In case you haven’t heard the news, Eli Manning has a new show. Yes, future Hall of Famer (?) and former quarterback for the New York Giants he is hosting his own show. No, not with older brother Peyton on Monday nights. I’m talking about a new show on the Giants YouTube channel. The Eli Manning Show.

Eli has always been a bit dry, a bit awkward, and some might even call his personality boring. Well, he’s all of those things, and you can watch this as he hosts the premiere of his YouTube show alongside co-host and former Giants center Shaun O’Hara. I’m sure Manning had some nerves on the debut show, but having a trusted friend in the studio with him seemed to help calm his nerves.

The first guests were none other than Peyton and Cooper Manning. It honestly felt like we were back on the Manningcast with no football happening simultaneously. I have to admit, it’s fun to hear these guys stick around. This took me back to my childhood and to throwing punches with my younger brother. Even if you had no idea who these guys were, if you saw this and saw how the trio interact, you could tell that Eli is the youngest by how the two older brothers team up against him. Anyone with siblings will identify with this.

With everything Eli is doing in the media since his retirement plus his role with the Giants, it seems that he aspires to follow in the footsteps of another former Giants great, Michael Strahan, now of Good morning america. Strahan appeared as the first official guest in the studio on The Eli Manning Show, and as usual, his personality took over the segment. It would be difficult for most people to match Strahan’s enormous personality, but Eli goes out of his way to guide the conversation with the help of O’Hara.

After watching an episode of the new show, I’m not sure how Eli will fare on his own, but if the show’s producers continue to line up guests who can carry the conversation, it could make it through the first season. But I think Eli would be excellent at The Office and its a dry sense of humor would fit in well with that cast of characters. Make him Dwight’s partner. The assistant regional deputy director. If this program doesn’t work, there is always the potential reboot of The office for Eli to recur.


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