Eliminator – Colombo Stars vs. Dambullah Giants Preview and Prediction


The winning side remains in this eliminator between the Colombo Stars and the Dambullah Giants, where the loser’s Lanka Premier League campaign is coming to an end. The Stars come into the playoffs in far superior form than their opponents, having won three of their last four games, while the Giants have lost each of their last three. Momentum heading into such a crucial match could have a major impact on matters, which does not bode well for Dambullah. The key factor, however, probably comes via batting, where the Dambullah Giants have simply failed to gather the kind of totals that Colombo have scored in previous games. Dambullah’s last four games have given them a high score of 138 with one of them a losing chase, while the Colombo Kings have beaten that score three times in the same period. With that in mind, support the Kings to surpass their opponents here, whether they set or chase a goal and ultimately continue to secure the victory.

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