End date of 8th inning program, last chance to unlock bosses

MLB The Show 21 keeps bringing new content to the Diamond Dynasty, and it continued with the 8th Inning program.

As the time is almost ready for the Diamond Dynasty challenge, we have details on when things will end and how much longer you have to complete the MLB The Show 21 8th Inning program.

Latest – 9. Inning Programs arrival ends 8. Inning Program

With MLB The Show 21 officially announcing the 9th inning program in a few short days, it also means the time is almost over for the 8th inning.

Players only have until this Friday to finish the program, so anyone close to unlocking the 8th Inning Bosses package will want to give it one last laugh before time runs out.

You can find more details here about exactly when the 9th Inning program should arrive at MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21: 8th Inning Program Start Date & Time

With the 7th Inning program now nearing completion, it’s almost time for the 8th Inning program to arrive at MLB The Show 21.

Fortunately, the release time is something we can count on, as Noon PT has consistently been the rollout date for new content in MLB The Show 21 since it was launched back in April.

Release date and start time: October 15, 2021 at 12.00 PT (14:00 CT / 15: 00 ET)

Expected end date: November 12, 2021 at 12.00 PT (14.00 CT / 15.00 ET)

While previously at least 4 weeks long, the 7th Inning program changed things with a shortened time frame and ended up lasting only three weeks.

MLB The Show 21 8th Inning Program

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THE MVP: Awards Ernie Banks will be one of the 8th Inning Bosses

As the World Series approaches with rapid strides, it makes sense that they will target the end of the 8th Inning program and the start of the 9th Inning program that comes during or shortly after that event.

It sets the expected end date for the 8th Inning program in the first half of November, and we should know the exact end date when the 8th Inning program goes live on MLB The Show 21, as we will be watching “Remaining Time” shown in games.

8th Inning Bosses: Chris Sale, Ernie Banks and Willie Mays

Although they have teased things a bit more in the past with at least one of the bosses kept secret until the program itself goes live, we already know all three bosses in the 8th Inning program.

Milestone Chris Sale, who will be 99 OVR like all the bosses this time, was first revealed on Twitter earlier this week.

Then The Lead Off built the hype for an 8th Inning Program boss revelation to only drop both the others at the same time.

MVP Ernie Banks and Milestone Willie Mays are participating in the sale, both of which should be 99 OVR cards that you must have for any lineup.

As usual, players must accumulate XP by playing MLB The Show 21 while the 8th Inning Program is live, and if they do, it will eventually unlock a Choice Pack containing the three 8th Inning Program bosses.

We also expect other new content to come with the 8th Inning program, probably a Conquest card and possibly a player program as well.

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