ESPN’s Jay Bilas says this Syracuse bar has one of the best burgers in any college town?

Syracuse, NY — Stop the Presses! ESPN college basketball broadcaster Jay Bilas has finally found something he likes about Syracuse.

But it’s not our basketball team.

Bilas, who has been the target of the ire of Syracuse University fans for his alleged anti-Orange bias for years, posted “Every List and Ranking You Need for the 2021-22 College Basketball Season” on ESPN+ this morning.

The Bilastrator’s 17 lists include:

  • Top National Championship favourites: No Syracuse listing, but he has Duke in his top 7.
  • Next wave of contenders: Still no Syracuse. But North Carolina rounds out the next 6.
  • Top Women’s College Basketball Teams: Oh, what a surprise. UConn comes in at No. 1. No Orange here, nor in his projected All-America squad.

You’ll finally see Syracuse Bilas get accolades when it comes to 2021-22 Bilastrator’s Best College Town Burgers.

‘Damn I eat hamburgers on the way. And I know my $#!+,” wrote the graduate Duke. “I eat burgers on the go, and these are the best burgers out there.”

Ale ‘n Angus, located 1.8 miles from the Carrier Dome at 238 Harrison St., was listed at number 9. This is just one of the many awards Ale ‘n Angus has been awarded. It recently won the New York Beef Council’s “Best NY Burger” competition three times in four years.

It’s hard to tell if Bilas’ rankings are in any particular order. Citizen Burger in Charlottesville, Virginia, topped his list. And for all the conspiracy theorists out there, Burger Bach in Duke’s hometown of Durham, North Carolina, is fourth.

Randy Beach, the owner of Ale ‘n Angus, was just happy to be among Bilas’ top picks.

“Our phone started to explode early this morning,” Beach said this afternoon. “A friend called and said, ‘Maybe you want to sit down at your computer and take a look at this.’ Since then, we have been hearing from people from all over the country.”

Bilas threw the Orange a few bones. He predicted that Buddy Boeheim would become the third-team All-American, and he considers Buddy one of the best perimeter shooters in the country.

He ranked our Dome No. 11 also among the best basketball environments. “Insanely big, insanely loud and surprisingly good view,” he said.

Duke is second on that list.

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