Eternals Star may never be the MCU’s Black Knight

When discussing the future of Kit Harington’s Black Knight in the MCU, a producer says that Harington won’t “necessarily” be the character.

Looks like actor Kit Harington will never fit in as the one from the Marvel Cinematic Universe black knight, according to a producer’s recent comments on Eternals.

Attended by Toronto sun and other outlets, producer Nate Moore commented on Harington’s Black Knight’s uncertain future in the MCU. Although the actor will appear in Eternals As the man under the armor, Dane Whitman, Moore remained coy when he said whether the public will ever see Harington as Black Knight in action. “[Harington’s] not necessarily Black Knight,” the producer said, “but we can play with that later.”

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This isn’t the first time Harington’s future as the Black Knight has been confused with uncertainty, as the actor said in a recent interview how important it is not to look too far ahead.

“I have no idea if my character will continue or not,” Harington said. “I had read about who he could be, or could be. So there’s the potential for a longer trajectory. And hopefully I think this is the tip of the iceberg for my character. I hope so. But I know just don’t you know I’m just as in the dark as everyone else And I try not to live too far ahead into the future with anything Even when I’m in Game of Thrones, even in the sixth season, I assumed the seventh season wasn’t going to happen!”

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Moore spoke at a recent press conference about potential plans to change Eternals in a trilogy, with the producer warning fans that there are no guarantees that sequels will be made. “It’s not something you have to have,” Moore said. “Of course we have ideas about where we can go, but there’s a set rule where we have to have three of these things and this is the first.” If the influx of early negative reviews for Eternals is any indication though, the future for Marvel’s latest pantheon of heroes and villains may not be as promising as fans would hope.

Dane Whitman first appeared in a 1967 issue of The Avengers and is the third character to bear the title Black Knight. In addition to being a skilled swordsman and bearer of the powerful but cursed Ebony Blade, Whitman is also a scientist specializing in physics, though his expertise extends to technology and engineering as well. As such, the hero has become known for his scientific approach to mystical problems, with Whitman even displaying strong strategic and tactical skills during his time as leader of The Avengers.

Eternals lands in theaters on Nov. 5.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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