Extended limit constraints call the NZ-AUS series into question

New Zealand’s white-ball cricket trip to Australia later this month is in doubt due to extended boundary restrictions, which require the team to have reserved isolation places for their return. (More cricket news)

The Black Caps are due to travel to Australia on 24 January to play ODI on 30 January, 2 and 5 February and a T20 international match in Canberra on 8 February.

New Zealand Cricket did not reserve places in managed isolation for the team in February because they expected the implementation in mid-January of a policy that would allow New Zealanders and residents returning from Australia to do so without going through managed isolation.

The change has now been delayed until the end of February due to the emergence of the omicron variant that New Zealand has hitherto contained at the border.

New Zealand Cricket said on Friday that it expects the Australian tour to continue but is discussing options with Cricket Australia. This may include reorganization or delay of the team’s return from Australia. A spokesman told the media that the team will not travel to Australia unless there is a plan for its return.


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