Fact or fiction: Andre Green to decide between North Carolina, Clemson

Rivals National Director of Recruitment Adam Gorney together with national recruitment analysts Sam Spiegelman and Adam Friedman along with Josh McCuistion from SoonerScoop.com address three issues and determine whether they believe each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. It would be a surprise if Oklahoma didn’t sign Gabe Dindy and Gentry Williams in mid-October.

Gorney’s opinion: REALITY. Williams has made this more interesting than expected with USC, Arkansas and others involved, but I still see the standout in the state picking the Sooners and excelling in Norman. When it comes to Dindy, things are a little more interesting. The success the Aggies have had along the defensive line plus the class they might be forming at College Station could be elite, packed with five stars and four high-level stars. But there are too many connections going back to Dindy turning down the Sooners. Both are expected to get engaged in the coming weeks and it should be good news for OU.

McCuistion’s opinion: REALITY. For quite some time, Oklahoma has felt like a leader to the state’s star and longtime fan, Gentry Williams. Although various schools have forced Oklahoma to work a little harder than he would have imagined a year ago, he still has many connections with the Sooners and it’s hard to imagine another option for him. With Dindy, the Sooners have really had a battle with Texas A&M, the only school they seemed to really consider after the Sooners had built a seemingly insurmountable lead. However, his relationship and bond with the Oklahoma staff seems like it will be too much for the Aggies to overcome.



2. Florida will host four-star DL Quency Wiggins on campus this weekend. The Gators have a legitimate chance to land him.

Gorney’s opinion: REALITY. LSU is the team to beat for Wiggins and he could easily end the Tigers, but if there is a manager change there at some point as the heat around the coach Ed orgeron it is significant, so all bets are off the table and Florida is a more stable situation that has interested Wiggins for some time. Right now, Florida would be considered an outside contender, but if things turn around at LSU then it could get really interesting and the Gators have been there for a long time.

Spiegelman’s opinion: REALITY. This is not Wiggins’ first trip to the swamp; It’s a return visit and it doesn’t hurt that Florida has been able to dive into The Boot and land elite defensive linemen in the past. Alabama and Texas are two other important programs to watch out for with defensive end Rivals100 in addition to LSU. The Tigers’ struggles throughout the season are certainly a story to monitor as Wiggins continues to explore his options.



3. The four-star draft WR Andre Greene will be a battle between Clemson and North Carolina only.

Gorney’s opinion: REALITY. Georgia, Oregon and others will try different ways to get Greene because he is so talented, but in the end I see it as a battle between the Tigers and the Tar Heels. Georgia should get Luther Burden by the end of the month so it will be something to watch and Oregon is especially interesting due to the NIL possibilities, but I don’t see it happening. Greene resembles all of Clemson’s athletic receivers over the years. North Carolina is there and the show becomes a serious competitor. Others will try, but this should be a regional battle for one of the country’s top receivers.

Friedman’s opinion: FICTION. Greene will more than likely pick Clemson or North Carolina when he gets engaged, but Georgia and Oregon are making things interesting. The opportunity to finally give the Bulldogs a consistent and commanding presence at wide receiver has piqued Greene’s interest and Phil KnightThe new NIL program in Oregon has definitely caught your eye. He even wore Oregon gloves during his game last Friday when he knew ahead of time that North Carolina coaches would be there to keep an eye on him. Greene has already used his official visits to see Oregon, Georgia, and North Carolina, so it would be difficult to see Greene end up in Athens or Eugene unless he makes an unofficial visit. He’s just been in Chapel Hill for another unofficial visit and has seen Clemson twice in person, once for camp and again in the game against Georgia in Charlotte. Clemson and North Carolina remain favorites, but they aren’t the only teams with a serious recruiting opportunity.



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