FIFA 22 Sliders from Matt10 and Crew: Version 7

After the latest major patch to FIFA 22, it’s time to pull off the reliable Matt10 and crew rather than show off FIFA 22 shooters they have been working on so far this year. We’ve been waiting until Version 7 to “reveal” them here on the front page (I like to give games some time before going to sliders), but as always, these people have been hard at work since before FIFA was even released.

I will let Matt10 do most of the explanation in the next few episodes, but I will say at the outset that the focus for the shooters seems to have been a bit “easier” and more enjoyable for the team this year because there is not so many glaring problems that can’t be fixed at all (such as CPU players not crossing the ball or tracking back through midfield in last year’s match), so it seems to have given them more leeway to adjust the game to try to find a wonderful experience. These sliders generally work on multiple levels of difficulty, and you still have the freedom to make your own edits of the sliders to make them your own.

If you want to contribute to the discourse around the sliders, this article’s comment section links directly to the thread, and you can also just go to the thread here.

FIFA 22 Sliders – Version 7

We’ve been working on FIFA shooters ever since FIFA 15 as a community. The goal is always to achieve the closest realism the game gives us.

How we test:
Always in career mode. You invest in sliders for a reason and most of the time is playing in Career Mode. So it only makes sense to test in the same environment. With so many values ​​to look at and these values ​​are in increments of 1 point, it is very easy to come up with multiple versions of sliders. We will always test on Standard first and then identify the most important areas we need to look at. From there, it’s about collaborating and finding solutions to those problem areas. With sliders, it’s always a balancing act, fix one thing – potentially break the next.

Version format:
This thread is moving fast and versions are being updated. My goal is always to make fewer versions, but we are at the mercy of 1) EA’s updates and 2) our own curiosity in determining the best values.

Similar to the previous two years, I will use the format in which the version number is first determined, followed by a beta number. For example, the first version will be Version 1, Beta 1; so it will read as: “V1B1”, and down the road, version 6, Beta 2 will read “V6B2”. As soon as it is determined that the version is “final”, it will simply be called Version 6 Final or “V6Final”, for example. I want to make sure that OP is updated in a log format so that everyone is on the same page.

Useful reminders:
Remember as always that the thread moves very fast. I will do my best to update this original post as much as possible. I’ve learned a lot about how to be the “project manager” of it all, so if I don’t respond to every post, it’s either because it disappeared in the shuffle, or that the response to it would deter the thread from achieving the goal of establishing a slider set.

The rules of the thread

1. Do not post your own full set. This deters the whole thread. All slider values ​​are relative to each other, so if we see a value like 30 pass speed with a line length of 70, then it is not relevant for someone who uses a 50 pass speed with a line length of 35. It is better to omit it by thread, and make your own.

2. Feedback and animation. The match statistics provide only so much information. Telling us that the CPU has passed 99% is not helpful. Did they send the ball through the back line all the time? Details are important, and over the years I have asked for details in animations. What this means is simply “What do you see”? Does the CPU have such high passes because your defenders are too slow? Too far away? Too wide? In the end, VIDEO NEVER LIES, so if you have video to deliver – please do so. It will save so much time and less questions and answers.

3. We are not your customer service. This is a collaborative space. No one gets paid here by EA. Give feedback because you want to help, not because you feel entitled to let us do all the hard work, and you sit back and criticize.

4. Respect each other. Fortunately, we have not encountered this problem that much, but there have been times when it is close. First, as for myself, I’m the project manager here. What this means is that I’m going for a goal, and discussing conspiracies, theories, or ET will not be helpful. Second, we all have opinions, and some know how to filter them, some do not. There’s a message there, so do not be offended if someone disagrees with you. We love the game, and just want the best for it – so keep it civil!

5. Please save general impressions in the FIFA impression thread, not here. This is a solution-based thread and general complaints will be ignored. We understand that every repeat of FIFA has problems, which games do not have, but we get the tools to find solutions. Keep in mind that this is a slider thread, which means that the sample size of the game is significantly increased. If you’ve had a problem, we’ve probably looked into it.

Version 7 slider values

FIFA 22 Sliders version 7

The goal of version 7

A lot of good came out of version 6. We understood what we can do with a certain value, and solidified some that were still somewhat questionable, such as. the error values.

We ran into problems with some overcompensation – or rather forced to overcompensate – because of the CB jockey (shuffle as some say in the animation that unfolds) and eventually realized that the driving frequency of 1/1 would not reduce it, as it actually “cut a lot out of the variation that FIFA 22 has boasted of since its release. As a result, we dived into a lot of feedback and tried to dig out some gems here and there.

Among all the feedback, the persistence of the user @NorbertArsenal who stressed that 55 Sprint and 49 acceleration (we chose 48, more on that in a moment) was the right item. Knowing that a high sprint would get the CBs to start engaging in their sprint, thanks to AnthJames’ (Evo-Web) brilliant work, it was hard to accept the animations that presented themselves. “Slidey” was the regular feedback that I could personally record, while also just feeling accelerated … typically FIFA. But with the 48 acceleration in play, we knew there was a value that could work – and it was a value that did not mean you could sprint for days and untouched against the CPU – if anything, you need to be more pay attention to your surroundings before embarking on such a sprint.

So once Sprint 55, Accel 48, were confirmed to REDUCE (never remove) the effects of the CB Jockey animation, we could start addressing values ​​that had previously been left in peace – especially the Height Length Width aka HLW. I personally had stuck to a specific HLW that I knew would do the job of creating a proper midfield experience (midfielders back to goal, forward passes backwards, more patient build-up depending on tactics), and for that it was a discrepancy in length + selection. Enter HLW 65/65, 35/40, 55/55 + mark deviation (varied according to difficulty / set). This instantly created the effect of players not only “meeting” but overlapping each other – creating bodies in the way (also called passing lanes) and resistance in the middle of the lane.

What this does is let the match ebb and flow, and each match feels different. Several tactics can be used and you will not feel bad about using fast build + direct running that used to trigger the CB jockey. In addition, we can increase the running frequency, and only due to the length differences, the runs are set differently to 45/35, so players do not run past the defensive line too often.

All in all, this is the set I know we have all been looking for. It compliments FIFA 22’s core of variation and tactics – with the random events that can happen anywhere on the pitch. The extra resistance in midfield, the pressure, when relevant, it all works and blends into the experience we deserve. I’m very happy with this set, and I hope you are too. Everyone played their part and it is certainly appreciated. Enjoy!

Joint Q&A

Oh, that sprint speed?

That’s what it’s at this point. The CB Jockey (shuffle) animation is such an immersion killer for some. If you are not part of that quantity, then feel free to put that value to where you want it. We’ve found that 55 is just perfect, so it doesn’t feel charitable when these CBs trade.

Can I play at normal speed with that sprint so high?

Actually yes. 48 acceleration makes a big difference. Normal speed plays really smoothly – and the ball seems to be more vibrant at that setting in some cases. All personal preferences in the end though!

My players’ endurance is very high through 90 minutes, what does it give?

Acceleration at 48 is a good feeling for the game, but it always results in less endurance. Feel free to raise it if you like. I personally think you still “feel” the players fatigue regardless of their endurance indicator.

The goalkeepers switched from 50 to 48 !?

Feel free to raise the value to 100 if you like. You have played like we did, so feel free to test to find the value that suits you. 48 is just a value that matches the shooting speed, and hope the GK game is better. It’s weird with goalkeepers this year. They make brilliant saves, but sometimes they make terrible animations play (dive during the flight of the ball, etc.).

I do not want to use these control options!

It is all right. That’s why the word ‘optional’ is written everywhere in that section. We just want to provide transparency about which control settings the kits were tested with.

Where to find the crew

If you want to follow any of them elsewhere, here is their info:

Bottom line

I leave most of the footwear to KG, but I just want to say again Matt10 and co. does a great job here. There are plenty of amazing slider manufacturers here at OS, but there are not many who are as cooperative and open to respectful feedback as this group. I do not think you can go wrong at least by checking these sliders out and see if they are something for you.

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