Fortnite Chapter 3 Rumors Swirl •

Fortnite fans believe the game’s upcoming move to its third chapter – and third eco-card – may come sooner than expected.

Battle Royale’s original island was sucked into a black hole after 10 seasons, to be replaced with the rebooted Chapter 2 Island we now have.

Fans had expected that Fortnites Chapter 2 would also last 10 seasons – but there are now whispers, developing Epic Games possibly changing things up faster than expected with an early arrival of Chapter 3.

Fortnite is currently on its 18th season, Chapter 2 season 8, which is set to end on December 5th. But whether we get a ninth and tenth season on the current map – and take the game into the late spring of 2022 – or a whole new chapter before 2021 is over, is currently a matter of heated debate.

There are a few clues in the game that Chapter 3 is coming, as fans have put together. A recent book reader emotionally charged references come to “the end of the chapter,” while this season’s introduction of the extremely powerful Cube Queen character has various associated objects that refer to time running out and the end of the island.

Nor would this be an early conclusion to the chapter. As Fortnite delicious Hypex coincidentally pointed out last week that we have now passed the turning point where Chapter 2 has actually lasted longer than the original, despite the fewer number of seasons.

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Behind the scenes, there are leaks of upcoming features in development such as a switch to Unreal Engine 5, plus the addition of weapon accessories and an Apex Legends-style sliding mechanic that feels better suited for the arrival of a new map instead of popping up up. on the current. (Fortnite introduced boats and swimming in the transition to Chapter 2.)

Oh, and the dreaded Fortnite mechanisms are expected to return soon – a nod back to their controversial appearance at the height of Fortnite’s first chapter.

Perhaps most tellingly, a major Fortnite leak we reported back in July – detailing the game’s Ariana Grande concerts, Sideways zombie areas and Cube Queen long before they were publicly known – suggested that the latter character would be introduced this season and then play a role in Chapter 3.

Eurogamer has contacted Epic Games for more.

Meanwhile, teasing Fortnite youtubers like SypherPK and Tabor Hill have released their own videos with much of the above – but especially SypherPK suggests he has his own information that the current card will only last a few more weeks. Both YouTubers acknowledge the teasing goodbye with “catch yourselves on the back” – another apparent nod to what’s next.

Does it feel like time for a new card now, rather than early next year? I have not grown tired of this one and I have enjoyed watching it start to get just as battle-worn and object-strewn as the Chapter 1 card in its final days. That said, with the game’s various elements and factions (Slone and IO, Jones and The Foundation, The Cube Queen) now all seemingly in play for this season’s finale, things may feel even more climax than usual.

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