Forza Horizon 5 has 800,000 players and it’s not even out yet

The latest game in Microsoft’s popular Forza racing series, Forza Horizon 5, will be released on Tuesday, November 9 – but that hasn’t stopped a huge number of fans from playing it already. According to in-game statistics, around 800,000 players are already trying out Forza Horizon 5 in early access – and they were clearly excited enough to pay a premium to do so.

Forza Horizon 5 pre-loads went live in October in anticipation of the game’s proper release this Tuesday – including its Game Pass launch – but Microsoft also included four days of early access for anyone downloading the Premium Edition (or Premium Add-Ons) bundle) for $ 99 / £ 85.

Apparently this has proved very popular and many players really want to get their fingers in Forza Horizon 5 early. According to the in-game Hall of Fame leaderboard (as seen by VGC), which tracks statistics from both PC and Xbox players, around 800,000 people are taking advantage of the early access and playing Forza Horizon 5 this weekend.

Taking £ 85 / $ 99 as the price of the Premium Edition, it seems that Forza Horizon 5 has earned around £ 68 million / $ 79 million from customers with early access alone – not a bad start, especially with the Game Pass version available at only few days.

It is possible that the relatively low system requirements on the PC have contributed to Forza Horizon 5’s sales, but most likely it’s just the player’s enthusiasm to have a popular series left – Forza Horizon 4 was also a massive seller. Critics have certainly also been pleased with the game with a couple of perfect scores and some 9/10 numbers. Anyone who has not shot after Premium Edition will be able to see for themselves on November 9th.

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