Forza Horizon 5 players quickly get rich with jeeps

Give players a chance to unlock treats and make money, and instead of playing the game as the developers might have intended, they will likely find the lazy and most effective way to achieve it. In Forza Horizon 5, this involves buying tough jeeps. So many jeeps. Players have found that an endless stream of Willys jeeps gives them a cheap way to get big spins on the prize wheel, potentially win big money and unlock rare cars. The game is loaded with jeeps.

As Windows Central noted, the 1945 Willys Jeep is cheap to buy for credits and cheap to upgrade with Skill Points, and upgrading gives you a Super Wheelspin – a big hit on the prize wheel, which pays out credit rewards and unlocks things. So some players are plowing everything into shitty jeeps. Apparently you can get Skill Point refunds if you donate cars so jeep farmers give them away for free. Some players experience being flooded with rando jeeps.

Supposedly, Supras can do the same, but it’s a little less efficient and less, you know, silly.

Although I like how some players try to lift the mood and lessen the disappointment of gifts by sending out non-shit cars.

Presumably, developers of Playground Games will adjust this at some point, making it less effective, less annoying for people who get flooded with the same car. About this makes you say “Please! Soon!” or “Wait! Not yet!” can reveal a lot about you.

Our review of Forza Horizon 5 says that it is not the best racing game ever made, but a challenger to the best driving game. Which is pretty good okay. The game was launched correctly on Tuesday, after a small pre-order period for early access – where some got a head start on Willys farming.

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