French trio make up an INSANE team

FIFA 22’s latest Ultimate Team promo Winter Wildcards has brought us so many ingenious new cards in packs, SBCs and goals, and Team 2 has now arrived too!

Watch the new Winter Wildcards Team 2 team and all the latest news here.

Latest News – Winter Wildcard Team 2 OUT NOW

EA has just unveiled the Team 2 squad for the Winter Wildcard promo, which is new to FIFA 22!

The big disappointment is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not the headline of the squad, after being rumored to get an insane 91 OVR card, which we just know would have been a fan favorite.

Raheem Sterling (OVR 90) is the main man in team 2 and has got a four-star weak foot and a strong foot change to make him predominantly left-footed!

Other Premier League stars Anthony Martial (OVR 88), Lucas Moura (OVR 88), Kieran Tierney (OVR 86) and Caglar Soyuncu (OVR 86) all come on the team with some cool cards and great links too!

Former Chelsea spokesman and Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard has also received a stunning new 88 OVR card, with 91 tempo, 91 dribbles and 88 shooting.

Release date

The Winter Wildcards event is heading into its second week, with Team 2 replacing Team 1 in packages of Thursday, December 23rd.

The release took place at the usual time d 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT, so go to the store and you might just pack yourself one of the new players!

Winter wildcard

EA’s brand new promo Winter Wildcards has become a hit, but if you’ve missed it so far, let EA explain what the event is all about.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year: to introduce the Winter Wildcards to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

From supernatural boosts to shape-shifting upgrades and power centers in between, Winter Wildcard Player Items will receive a range of permanent boosts inspired by past, present and potential future FUT player upgrades. “

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However, that’s not all, as the Winter Wildcards Swaps are also underway!

“Through the Winter Wildcards campaign, you will have the opportunity to earn Wildcard tokens.

24 Wildcard tokens will be made available across various Squad Building challenges and objectives, plus an additional token will be offered in a package in the FUT Store.

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