Genshin Impact Ganyu Fan reveals insane trickshot prior to re-release

While we wait for the Ganyu rebroadcast Genshin impact 2.4 a Japanese fan managed to find the ultimate way to advertise their waifu that went viral on Twitter.

Ganyu, one of the most beloved characters in Genshin impact, finally gets its first banner rebroadcast. And a certain Japanese Ganyu fan found the perfect way to make you want to pull her.

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Genshin impact Japanese player reveals an insane Ganyu trickshot ahead of her banner re-broadcast

Lin, a Japanese Genshin impact player, managed to kill Anemo Hypostasis World Boss by sneaking it miles away with Ganyus Charged Shot. Uses the very smart placement of a portable Teleporter Waypoint.

The video of trickshot went viral on Twitter, check it out below:

“Ganyu is the kind of character who can do this”

In a follow-up tweet, lin explained the trickshot:

“I noticed it midway when I was training for the shot, but even if you shoot from the exact same spot without moving, both arrows will not land at the same point. I think there is a recoil-like system, as in FPS games. So if you want to reproduce this trickshot or try something similar, adjust the angle of each of your photos. I know way too much pointless Genshin impact knowledge.”

Is Ganyu a strong character in Genshin impact?

Seeing this trickshot will definitely make you want to pull for Ganyu. Personally, I think there is no really strong or weak character in it Genshin impact. Because it all comes down to artifacts and sub-statistics.

However, certain characters can be considered much stronger than others because of how easy they are to build and play. And Ganyu is definitely one of those characters.

Just give her a good Wanderer’s Troupe set with good substats. Something every player who has been in Teyvat for a few months should have. And even though you’re a Bow character, you do not have to aim when you play Ganyu. Just shoot the floor to kill the mobs.

Are you going to pull Ganyu?

If you need a Cryo DPS, Ganyu is definitely a good choice. But if you do not like her personality or design, there is virtually no reason to pull. Especially with how easy Genshin impact is at least.

Ganyu gets a repeat during Genshin Impact Version 2.4, from 26 January. Her banner will be accompanied by a Zhongli rebroadcast.

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