Genshin Impact Shadow of the Ancients Live Testing, Destroying Grader Weak Points

The final phase of the Shadow of the Ancients event in Genshin Impact Version 2.2 has started and puts us in a challenge towards a regenerative Ruin Grader, here are some tips to help.

First, keep in mind that in order to unlock Phase 3 of Shadow of the Ancients, you must have Phase 1 surveys and Phase 2 data sampling. Be sure to check out our previous guide if you need help.

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Shin Megami Tensei V | World in Ruins Trailer



Shin Megami Tensei V | World in Ruins Trailer





Clearing the autonomous mechanical energy source: Live Sample quest

After clearing Phases 1 and 2, unlock this last task: Autonomous Mechanical Energy Sources: Live Sample. After activating navigation through the event menu, talk back to Hosseini in Ritou. He will tell you to go to Tsurumi Island to place the Pursina’s Spikes tree.

Once you have teleported to Tsurumi Island, where you first fought against Ruin Grader, you will be asked to place Pursina’s Spikes. It works in the same way as in Phase 1. You need to use Ayesha’s Chaos Prospectors gadget to find three suitable locations:

When you are done, go back and talk to Hosseini and you will unlock the Phase 3 challenge: Live testing. This is the last showdown against Anomalous Model Ruin Grader.

Phase 3 Live Testing Guide – Achievements and Primogems How to Defeat Anomalous Model Ruin Grades

This is like in Phase 2, you need at least one Electro character to charge Pursina’s Spikes. When the three tips are fully charged, the fight ends and it’s your victory. If any of the three tips are destroyed, you will fail in the challenge.

Here is the list of achievements. You must focus on completing “Destroy the weak points of the abnormal model Ruin Grader 8 times”. It is the most important achievement, besides clearing the event once. Because Primogems is the reward. As a reminder, its weak points are on its legs. They are revealed when it performs its laser attack.

You must fight at least three times to get all the rewards. The hardest performance is definitely “complete the challenge with all Pursina’s Spikes with over 50% structural integrity (HP).” To cope with this, be careful and stun Ruin Grader just before attempting to attack one of the spikes.

Some additional tips:

  • Remember you can eat food, this is not a rogue event like Labyrinth warriors. Get your food lovers before the match.
  • As with Ruin Guards, you can also stun Ruin Degrees when you shoot its eye, but only when it is lit.
  • I definitely recommend using both Cryo and Hydro characters so you can freeze Ruin Grader regularly during battle.
  • Electro, Cryo and Hydro, there are 3 party members. For your fourth, choose the one that works best: another DMG dealer, an Anemo character to control the crowds, and so on.
  • Remember that all the rewards of the other achievements are not Primos. So while it’s nice to clear them of free materials, do not beat yourself up over it if you can not.

Genshin impact Version 2.3 launches on November 24 with new playable characters Arataki Itto and Gorou. Albedo was also leaked as a banner repeat as he will be appearing in the main event of the update: it is the sequel to the 1.2 Dragonspine event. We know this for sure with the 2.3 live stream coming soon. You can always contact me on Twitter to ask me about Genshin @ A_iyane07.

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