Giants QB Daniel Jones throws for 402 yards in the first win of the season

Daniel Jones looks angry, not to confuse, en route to a yield of 400 yards and a W. Giants
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Daniel Jones has not been awful this season, but has not been great. It will show New York Giants fans flashes but has had problems with consistency even win so far.

Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, Jones threw for 402 yards in a winning effort on the road, in overtime, 27-21. Jones has a long way to go before Eli Manning capture 400-yard games you (9), but this is a good start, which could not have come at a better time.

The Giants entered the week 4 after losing their first three games, their last two decided by four points combined. So they have been close, but have not been able to execute and go out with a win.

Looking ahead to this, the Saints had been allowing 243 passing yards through three games. Jones and the Giants were able to bust wide in Santos and throw the ball all over the field. At different points in the game, the Giants’ wide receivers wide running down the field against the Saints secondary, and all Jones had to do was place passes nearby.

The way the Giants won is not as important as they get their first win of the year. And even more so for Jones as proved he can lead this team to a difficult victory on the road against a better team. Passing the first 400-yard career Jones was the icing on the cake.

The only way it could have been better if I was at home against a division rival.

Speaking of division rivals, the Giants travel to Dallas on Sunday to face the Cowboys. In his young career against the Cowboys, Jones is averaging 220 passing yards against Dallas horrendous defenses. So, let’s see how it stacks up against a better Cowboys D.

But here it is where comes in coherence Jones. He has to follow this massive game in New Orleans with another in Dallas. I’m not saying you have to throw for 400 yards, but he has to take this team to a victory. If you have to out duel Jones Dak Prescott, then so be it. Jones will have to prove that the Giants can put back a week after weeks and have led him to win.

That’s what the big boys. They shot out all the time to the point where it is no big deal when they have an important game because we are used to it. I know the situation of the management of property / equipment may not be the best at this time, along training with questionable.

Some players are big enough to overcome this. I do not know if Jones has that in him, but will have the opportunity each week to show and prove all his doubters wrong. The Giants have a talented team, and now they need Jones to step up and take his party leadership that the level of talent.


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