GM Poll: Nets Champion, Durant MVP, Jalen Green Rookie of the Year

The general managers of the 30 NBA teams make their forecasts for the upcoming season.

The survey has been given to the general managers of the 30 NBA teams in which they make their predictions for the next season, an annual survey that places the Brooklyn Nets as the champion team, Kevin Durant as MVP and Jalen Green as Rookie of the year. . .

For bureau chiefs, there is no question which team will be champion: Brooklyn Nets gets 72% of the vote. Far behind are the Lakers with 17% and the Bucks, current champions, with 10%. They give the Nets as the East champs and the Lakers as the first in the West by a majority.

The poll ranks the Nets as the funniest team, Jazz as the most reliable local and Hawks as the one with the most promising young core.

As for the MVP award: Kevin Durant (Nets) gets 37% of the votes, and Luka Doncic (Mavs) stays at 33%. Also receiving votes were Giannis Antetokounmpo (13%), Joel Embiid, James Harden (both 7%) and Stephen Curry (3%).

The Slovenian leader from Dallas is considered the player with whom they would begin to build a winning franchise. Doncic (43%) beats Anteto (40%) in a tough fight.

By position, things are like this: Stephen Curry (best point guard), James Harden (point guard), Kevin Durant (forward), Giannis Antetokounmpo (power forward) and Nikola Jokic (center).

Curry is the player who causes the most adjustments to the contrary, the best pure shooter (90% of the votes), and the best in the game without the ball. Zion Williamson wins the vote for the most athletic, beating Anteto, De’Aaron Fox is the fastest, and LeBron James is the best passer – tied with Jokic – (gets votes from Facundo Campazzo), the most popular all-rounder and the one with better IQ.

In addition, the most valued leader is Chris Paul, the executives would give the final shot to Durant, and the player who will improve the most this season will be Jaren Jackson Jr, obtaining votes in this section Karl-Anthony Towns.

On the defensive sideā€¦ The player who will stand out the most this season will be Giannis Antetokounmpo (47% of the votes). The best defender on the perimeter is Jrue Holiday; the best interior, Rudy Gobert; the most versatile, Antetokounmpo; and the best team behind, Milwaukee Bucks.

Rookies and international players

All 30 NBA executives rank Jalen Green (Rockets) as the rookie of the year with 47% of the vote to 40% for Cade Cunningham (Pistons), but when asked why the rookie will be the best in 5 years, he ranked Evan Mobley (Cavaliers) at the top in a tough fight with Cunningham.

GMs consider Jalen Suggs (Magic) a draft steal, with Alperen Sengun (Rockets) close behind.

The vote for the best foreign player in the league places Anteto (60%) as the undisputed leader ahead of Doncic (27%) and Jokic (13%). And the best player who plays outside the NBA leaves former league Nikola Mirotic first (53%).

Market movements

The team that has moved the best in the market, by far, is the GM Miami Heat (47% of the votes). The Lakers are second with 17%.

The acquisition that will have the most impact is Kyle Lowry (Heat, 77%), the most underrated star is Larry Nance Jr. (Blazers), the team that has improved the most is the Chicago Bulls and the most surprising play is the arrival. by Russell Westbrook. to the Lakers.

Coaches qualification

Once again, Erik Spoelstra (Heat) is considered the best coach. He gets 55% of the votes.

The most motivating is Monty Williams (Suns), the one who makes the best adjustments, Tyronn Lue (Clippers), the best attack is represented by Quin Snyder (Jazz), the best defensive schemes come from the hand of Tom Thibodeau (Knicks) and the change Rick Carlisle stars as a coach who will have the biggest impact with his arrival at the Pacers.

The general managers consider Kenny Atkinson (Warriors) and Darvin Ham (Bucks) as the best assistants, they are tied, and once again they place Chris Paul as the player who has the best conditions to be a coach tomorrow.

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