Goals and highlights: Tunisia 0-2 Algeria in 2021 FIFA Arab Cup final | 18-12-2021

17:05 12 hours ago

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16:53 12 hours ago

Algeria WINNER of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup

12:49 PM16 hours ago

2ET 120’+5′

Tunisia corner.

12:44 PM16 hours ago

2ET 120’+4′

Yacine Brahimi is shown the yellow card.

12:29 PM16 hours ago

2ET 117′

Tunisia corner.

12:24 PM16 hours ago

2ET 115′

Ali Ben Romdhan’s shot from outside the box that goes over the bar

12:19 PM16 hours ago

2ET 111′

Ben Larbi tries a shot on target.

12:09 PM17 hours ago

2ET 109′

Offside, Algeria.

12:04 PM17 hours ago

2ET 106′

Bounedjah tries a shot on target.

11:59 AM17 hours ago

1ET 105′

Sliti tries a shot on target.

11:54 AM17 hours ago

1ET 102′

Tunisia corner.

11:39 AM17 hours ago

1ET 98′

Bounedjah tries a shot on target.

11:34 AM17 hours ago

1ET 96′

Corner for Algeria.

11:19 AM17 hours ago


Mohammed Belaili tries a shot on goal.

11:14 AM17 hours ago


Sofiane Bendebka gets the yellow card.

11:09 AM18 hours ago


Offside, Algeria.

11:04 AM18 hours ago


Jaziri tries a shot on target.

10:54 AM18 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

10:49 AM18 hours ago


Offside, Tunisia.

10:39 AM18 hours ago


Sassi gets the yellow card.

10:34 AM18 hours ago


Bounedjah tries a shot on target.

10:29 AM18 hours ago


Offside, Tunisia.

10:24 AM18 hours ago


Cheti tries a shot on target.

10:19 AM18 hours ago


Offside, Tunisia.

10:14 AM18 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

10:09 AM19 hours ago

Second half begins

The second half starts at the Al Bayt Stadium!

9:54 AM19 hours ago


Ghaylen Chaaleli tries a shot on target.

9:49 AM19 hours ago


A shot by Msakni from outside the box and the ball went wide to the right.

9:44 AM19 hours ago


Ben Hmida is shown the yellow card for a serious foul.

9:39 AM19 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

9:34 AM19 hours ago


Bounedjah, Jaziri and Sassi get a yellow card.

9:29 AM19 hours ago


Msakni is shown the yellow card for a serious foul.

9:24 AM19 hours ago


Offside, Algeria.

9:19 AM19 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

9:14 AM19 hours ago


Bounedjah tries a shot on target.

9:09 AM20 hours ago


New corner for Algeria.

9:04 AM20 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

8:59 AM20 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

8:54 AM20 hours ago


Meziani shot into the penalty area and the ball went very close to the left post.

8:49 AM20 hours ago


Tunisia corner.

8:44 AM20 hours ago


Shot by Sliti from outside the box that the keeper rejects on a corner kick.

8:39 AM20 hours ago


Tunisia corner.

8:34 AM20 hours ago


Bilel Ifaa header into the box hits the crossbar.

8:29 AM20 hours ago


Cheti is shown the yellow card for a serious foul.

8:24 AM20 hours ago


Mrezigue tries a shot on goal.

8:19 AM20 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

8:14 AM20 hours ago


Tunisia corner.

8:09 AM21 hours ago


Bounedjah tries a shot on target.

8:04 AM21 hours ago


Corner for Algeria.

7:54 AM21 hours ago

All set in the Al Bayt stadium

7:49 AM21 hours ago

Ceremony of folk songs

At this time, the teams are going to the playing field of Al Bayt stadium, in this emotional ceremony let us respectfully listen to the national anthems of Tunisia and Algeria.

7:44 AM21 hours ago

A very even duel between old acquaintances

7:34 AM21 hours ago

The second game of the Saturday doubleheader

7:19 AM21 hours ago

Tunisia vs Algeria

7:14 AM21 hours ago

For the title of top scorer

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Tune in here Tunisia vs Algeria Live Score

6:59 hours ago

How to Watch Tunisia vs Algeria Live Stream on TV and Online?

6:54 AM day ago

What time is the match between Tunisia and Algeria for 2021 FIFA Arab Cup Qatar?

6:49 hours ago

Last matches between Tunisia vs Algeria

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Key player of Algeria

6:39 AM day ago

Tunisia key player

6:34 hours ago

Tunisia vs Algeria likely lineups

6:29 AM day ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

6:24 hours ago

This is how Algeria arrives at the final match

6:19 AM day ago

This is how Tunisia arrives at the Final match

6:14 hours ago

The grand final of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup will be played by two teams from North Africa

6:09 AM day ago

The match will be played at the Al Bayt Stadium

6:04 AM day ago

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