God of War PC release date confirmed

God of War is coming to PC this week! We have reviewed it and it is good! Others have reviewed it and they say it is good too! If you count the hours until launch, the developers at Santa Monica Studio are helpful given info on exactly how many hours are left to wait. If you’re looking for the God of War PC release time, this is it.

God of War PC has a single global release time across both Steam and Epic: January 14 at. 8.00 PST / 11.00 EST / 16.00 GMT. Pre-loads are already available on Steam, and since the God of War system requirements recommend 70 GB of hard disk space, you can expect your first download to be around the same size.

In our review, my famous colleague Ian says “God of War is a lavishly produced game, from its tectonic boss fights to the discerning attention to detail that enables its seamless storytelling. And for a tale of a grumpy god who spends his time fillet mythical warriors with swirling knives that bear a strange resemblance to the Unreal Engine logo, then God of War is refreshingly human. “

Or in more concise terms: “Do not miss this opportunity to play a console classic.”

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