Gregg Doyel reports Trey Kaufman-Ren Will Redshirt

About an hour before the tip of the Purdue Men’s Basketball 2021-2022 season, Greg Doyle of the Indy Star dropped a bombshell on Twitter.

This is an interesting development as along with Caleb Furst, Kaufman-Renn was expected to be a major contributor to a Purdue team that is expected to do big things this year. If you step back and think about it, the decision makes some sense. The position(s) that Kaufman-Renn was set to contribute to will be loaded. Not only is Furst ready to go at the 4, but Mason Gillis, who started over 20 games last year, is returning after a short suspension. If he would contribute to the 3, there is also a block there.

The decision whether or not to go red is always a difficult one because you always wonder what could have been. This decision harks back to the decision to dress Brandon Newman in red, which has worked out well for Purdue so far. Some of you, and part of me, might think that with this season going to be a special season, you want everyone ready to go, but Painter can’t think like that. He has to think long term. The inability to dress Ryne Smith in red continues to haunt Painter and likely aid him in his decisions in these matters. With the tip less than an hour away, we get our first look at the team in live action and see if Painter made the right decision.

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