Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer asks ‘How would you live your life differently?’

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has dropped a brand new campaign launch trailer ahead of its official release date of December 8th. Check out the video above or the photo gallery below for a new look at Master Chiefs next adventure.

Halo Infinite Campaign Launch Trailer Pictures

The trailer reintroduces us to Master Chief and Cortana (a kind of, long story), while reflecting on how they would live differently if they knew how they would die. The reflection does not last too long as Master Chief quickly gets to kill lots of Banished, the new splinter faction of well-known Covenant races, shooting Brutes, Grunts and running over jackals.

We also see Master Chief encounter a strange female alien / robot / AI hybrid character who warns the Spartan that “you are not the future” before attacking.

If you’ve thirsty for Halo Infinite, you can already get your hands on the beta of multiplayer mode. Check out ours Halo Infinite multiplayer review to see if it holds up to the high FPS heights established by the original Halo games, or check latest updates on how 343 Industries tackles multiplayer issues.

If you need a refresh of Halo-lore, and just who they “Banished” are, what Cortana has made, and what this new Cortana look-a-like is really about, check out our explanatory video.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer / weapon for IGN.

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