Halo Infinite excludes Southeast Asia from its first competitive season

Microsoft’s 343 Industries made a surprise discovery and launched Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes before its official release date. To top it off, just a day after the game was launched, the developers announced plans for Halo Infinite’s first competitive season ever. North America, Europe, Oceania and Mexico are the only regions included in the 2021-2022 Halo Championship Series.

Halo Championship Series 2021-2022 Overview

The new Halo Championship Series starts on December 17, 2021 with five competitions up to the Halo World Championship. While 343 Industries will be responsible for organizing the North American events, the following organizers will be involved in the international circuit:

There will be five levels of competition which include: Online Tournaments, Pros Series, Supers or Regional Tournaments, Majors and Halo World Championship. It is surprising that Asia was not included as one of the regions as countries like China, Japan and South Korea are some of the largest markets in the world.

Online tournaments: These will take place on the Faceit platform and offer a range of different bets depending on where they fit into the roadmap.

Pro Series: Each region will also host online Pro Series events where the best professional teams in each region will compete against aspiring top amateur players.

Super / Regional: Each region will have an online super and a regional championship. The regional championship is a live event where players in that region will compete for cash prizes exclusively for that region to support those players but also qualify for pool games for the Majors.

Supers are the online versions of these tournaments with the same format along with the same stakes. Both will have open parentheses.

Major: Majors are the biggest open events of the entire season. They offer pool games with teams from each region as well as a massive open console that is open to all teams from the participating regions.

Halo World Championship: The tournament will consist of three phases:

  • A play-in scene for guaranteed regional representation

  • A group stage for the best teams from the former major regardless of region

  • The championship class, where only the top eight left and the bulk of the prize will be awarded.

The Halo World Championships take place from kl October 20, 2022.

Halo Championship Series 2021-2022 prize pool

The HCS season will feature a prize pool of over $ 3 million USD. Each of the 4 regions will have their own cosmetic bundles with nameplate, emblem, Sniper Rifle coating as well as the visor. Purchasing the bundle will contribute a “significant portion” of the proceeds to the prize pool.


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