Halo-themed Moa Burger Pringles are amazing

Here at Polygon we write a lot of reviews of video games, but also reviews around computer games. We have reviewed movies based on games, Lego sets based on games, and now, finally, chips based on games. You see, we live in a world of Halo-themed Pringles, and they’s actually pretty good.

Moa Burger Wavy Pringles is an exclusive Walmart chip designed to taste like a burger made from the ostrich-like Moa bird – one of the few life forms that roams the Halo games. Pringle’s website says it tastes of “garlic, sweet ginger and tasty beef.” There is also a little chili pepper and red pepper.

But how does Moa Burger Pringles really taste? Well, I’ve had two cans of these suckers, so let’s get into it.

The first and only thing you need to know about Moa Burger Pringles is that they have an intense flavor. Every chip in both of my cans was covered in Moa Burger dust. Each chip was consistent and delightfully overwhelming. I say this because in my long history with Pringles I have never been overwhelmed by taste before.

Pringles typically have good taste, but the substance and consistency are not there. No one will ever say no to a sour cream and onion pringle, but you need a stack of five if you really want to feel that taste. The chip-to-taste ratio is often a little bad for me at Pringles, and I sometimes go away disappointed that I did not get hold of a more comprehensive or potent chip.

Moa Burger Wavy Pringles meets that need for something hefty. They’re crispy, thick, and each chip left my face with the semi-permanent “damn face” – you know, the one where you eat something intense but delicious, and your face tries to compensate for how your taste buds are doing. That reaction may also have something to do with the heat that comes from these things. It’s not “Flamin ‘Hot” level or anything like that, but I learned from experience that it’s enough to anger the spicy food hater in your life if you convince them to give it a try.

These Pringles have an almost barbeque chip flavor to them, but with a little seaweed, and the aforementioned heat. It’s the kind of chip I started fascinated by, not sure if I liked it at all, and ended up making love. As I sit here now, I realize I’ll probably have to pick up more of these cans before they leave the store shelves – whenever it’s.

Moa Burger Pringles could beat any Pringle I’ve encountered – or at least they could beat them in a Halo match. Julius Pringle – The Pringle guy (that’s his name, I looked it up) – even has a headset on the can, so you know he eats these while playing. But do these Pringles really encapsulate Halo? I do not know, but Master Chief is prominent enough on the phone that you will be embarrassed if you do not use self-checkout.

But even outside of Halo and player Julius, I’ve never found a Pringle taste that I like so much, and that someone who had a purple lunchbox in elementary school designed specifically to hold Pringles, it says something.

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