Harley Quinn Cover Art pays tribute to Air Gear and Oh! Awesome

In a stunning new cover for Harley Quinn #16, artist Derrick Chew pays tribute to the manga Air Gear and its creator, Oh! big.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Harley Quinn #13 by DC Comics

In an energetic DC Comics cover, Harley Quinn kicks into high gear with a striking new image that pays tribute to a classic manga series. This week artist Derrick Chew shared his beautiful tribute Sky Equipment and its creator Oh! awesome, skating in a sleeve with the antihero in an outfit that might as well be straight out of the series.

air gear, created by Ito Ōgur, who is known professionally as Oh! awesome, was a popular manga series that started publishing in Weekly Shonen Magazine late 2002. Oh! great also created the series Tenjho Tenge, which had 22 volumes before ending in 2010. Air equipment followed Itsuki Minami, aka Ikki, a tough high schooler who constantly gets into fights and who goes to competitions after discovering futuristic inline skates called Air Trecks (A-Ts). He learns about the world of ATs and the gangs that participate in events with the motorized inline skates. The manga follows Ikki as he is immersed in the world. The series initially had 37 parts and was adapted into a one-season anime in 2006.


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on his Twitter account, artist Derrick Chew shared his upcoming cover Harley Quinn #13. Chew admitted the cover was inspired by Air equipment and oh! great work on the series. The cover is fantastic as Harley wears a pair of roller skates as she leaps through the air next to a group of birds. Quinn’s outfit is fantastic, as she’s wearing a black and red hat and pants, an oversized jacket, a crop top with “Harley” written on it, and her rollerblades match the look.

Harley Quinn In #13 of Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rosmo, Harley Quinn is accused of murder by a new villain, while a new Gotham homicide detective is convinced she is the killer. The synopsis promises that the second year of Harley’s ongoing title at DC Comics will bring “brand new characters” as well as some “all-too-familiar faces” from her past who aren’t too excited to see her again.

It’s always fun to see artists pay tribute to other series and creators with different covers, and there’s no doubt Derrick Chew did a fantastic job with the Air equipment part. His love for the series is obvious. For readers wishing to pick up the Harley Quinn/Air equipment funny, Harley Quinn #13 from DC Comics will arrive in comic book stores on March 23, 2022.

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Source: Derrick Chew/Twitter

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