Have fun with basketball lineups in Kansas

(Photo: Nick Krug, Lawrence Journal-World)

The college basketball season is fast approaching. Now is a good time to take a closer look at Kansas’s basketball roster and which potential drafting coach Bill himself can put on the ground.

Kansas arguably has the most depth in college basketball heading into the 2021-22 season, and this could potentially be the deepest team Self has coached.

With that, here are six interesting lineups with a brief description of each.

Projected starters:

G Dajuan Harris

G Remy Martin

G Ochai Agbajic

f Jalen Wilson

C David McCormack

Picking Kansas’ starting five was a challenge, but I think Remy Martin, Agbaji, Wilson and McCormack are a given. Those four are too talented to stay out of the starting lineup and they can all score in double figures every night.

What people might disagree with is having Harris as a starter. My reasoning is simple. Harris has a lot of buzz around his improvement, and Self loves having two ball handlers in the lineup. Harris may also be the Jayhawks’ best passer and defender, so I think he can definitely argue for being a consistent starter.

Bank five:

G Bobby Pettiford

G Joseph Yesufu

G Christian Braun

G Jalen Coleman-Lands

f Cam Martin

If Harris doesn’t crack the starting five, Braun probably will. I have him in the role of the sixth man, but I still think he will get time that mimics the minutes of the start. If you remember his first year, Braun was very impressive in that role, and a regular scorer from the bench can help Kansas.

This bench unit functions almost like a separate starting five. I expect Yesufu to get about 20-25 minutes per game. Players such as Coleman-Lands and Cam Martin will likely play specific roles (shoot 3-pointers). Overall, this bank five and the starters above are the players I expect to have at least a few minutes game-to-game.

Three point shooting:

G Remy Martin

G color

G Coleman-Lands

G brown

F Martin

KU has two of the top four three-pointers of last season’s Big 12 (percentage) in Coleman-Lands and Agbaji. You can’t forget Christian Braun’s smooth outside stroke, and Remy Martin shot 33.6% in his career with the state of Arizona.

Cam Martin Known for his shot from the outside, he averaged 25 points per game at the Division II level with Missouri Southern last season. Add all these pieces together and you have quite the shooting threat. If the Jayhawks need to hit a late-game triple, this could be the lineup to do it.


G Harris

G Remy Martin

G Yesufu

G color

F Wilson

We saw about five out-looks last season with Wilson in fifth. In fact, it narrowly helped Kansas beat Kentucky in the Champions Classic. The Jayhawks can definitely come back to this if teams decide to play small ball against them or if McCormack and Cam Martin getting in trouble.

This setup also gives Kansas the opportunity to play with three quick and skilled ball handlers in Harris, Remy Martin and Yesufu. Since Wilson has shown he can hold his own in fifth place – if Self chooses to finish five – I think it could be quite effective.

Bullying Ball:

G color

G brown

F Wilson

f Cam Martin

C McCormack

Kansas can play some bully this year if need be. Wilson is already functioning as a small striker or three with his marksmanship and athleticism. Cam Martin specializes in shooting three-pointers, which is why he could move to four if Kansas wants to play big with McCormack in the game.

However, I don’t see Kansas using this lineup very often because of the number of talented guards and wings they have. It would also be rare for Self to play a lineup without a primary ball handler.

Up-large shutters:

G Chris Teahan |

G Michael Jankovich

f KJ Adams

f Zach Clemence

f Mitch Lightfoot

This team consists of two super seniors who have been in the KU program for a long time Chris Teahan | and Mitch Lightfoot. Junior Michael Jankovich is another fan favorite listed here. With the depth that Kansas has, I only see game time for these fan favorites if the Jayhawks lead by a large margin.

Adams and Clemence are two impressive freshmen Self brought in, but again I don’t see much playing time for these two – even though they are talented. Adams impressed with his frame early on, and Self said he’s best at chasing loose balls and grabbing rebounds. His bike could get him some playtime, but it’s more realistic for him to see the time at the end of the game. The same goes for Clemence, who is known for his ability to stretch the floor.

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