HBO’s ‘Four Hours at the Capitol’ Trailer: WATCH

“January 6 started out pretty much like any other day,” begins the trailer for Four hours in the Capitol. Everyone has their own memory of January 6, 2021. HBO’s new documentary tells it with never-before-seen footage of the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters protesting the results of the 2020 presidential election. Lawmakers, staffers, police officers, protesters and even rioters share their first-hand stories in the film. Directed by Jamie Roberts (The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty), the doc describes the escalation of Trump’s call to action towards deferred vote counting. Thousands attended the attempted uprising, which overwhelmed Capitol security and resulted in five dead and 140 officers injured. “Individuals themselves are usually not a problem,” said a witness in the trailer. “But when they come together and form a mob, the mob is the weapon.” Four hours in the Capitol premieres October 20 on BBC, HBO and HBO Max.

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