Here are all the League of Legends champions appearing in the first act of Arcane

mysterious, The new animated series from Riot Games, launched earlier this week on Netflix. The series itself is a celebration of League of Legends, and fans of the game will recognize many of the show’s characters from the long-running franchise.

Characters that may have initially appeared as League champions have earned their place in the Arcane pantheon since the Netflix series countless staples of League to come alive. Through three episodes, nine different League champions have appeared in Arcane-either as a main character or through a cameo.

With six episodes left to premiere in the next two weeks, there are plenty of other options for others to consider League champions make their appearance. Here are the ones that have appeared on the show so far.


as one of Arcane‘s main characters, Jinx plays a very important role in the first three episodes of the show. The first act explores her formative years in depth, and she probably won’t be leaving anytime soon as the series progresses. In her early years, Jinx is called “Powder” and has yet to transform into the chaotic monster that terrorizes Summoner’s Rift in modern League of Legends.


The first three episodes of Arcane also delved deep into Vi’s teenage years, and her story will be a pivotal part of the show’s plot as the first season progresses. So far, Vi’s relationship with her sister, Jinx, has been an important part of her story. Fans of the show can expect their relationship to develop over the next two acts of Arcane.


The Piltover Enforcer will most likely play a pivotal role in the later episodes of Arcane, but in the first three episodes, Caitlyn is nothing more than a child. The second installment of the series takes an in-depth look at her family’s origins in the town of Piltover.


Jayce’s backstory also appears in the first act of Arcane. To kick off the show, Jayce experiments with Hextech magic in Piltover. His pursuit of combining technology, science and magic is the most crucial part of his story.


Ryze only appears on screen for a few moments as the Rune Mage appears in a flashback to clarify Jayce’s story. In the flashback, Ryze is shown rescuing Jayce and his mother from a snow storm using his signature spell, Realm Warp.


Long before Viktor became the half-machine threat to many League players know, he was a simple man pursuing scientific discoveries in Piltover. In ArcaneViktor is Heimerdinger’s student. Viktor teams up with Jayce to discover the powers behind Hextech magic.


Although Heimerdinger is one of the League‘s less popular champions, he is a relatively prominent character in Arcane. As a professor at Piltover’s academy, Heimerdinger oversees Piltover’s technological and social progress.


The show appears as a childhood friend of Jinx and lightly touches on Ekko’s origin story. In the first act of Arcane, Ekko is seen as an ally of Jinx and her friends. It is likely that if the characters of Arcane Growing up, Ekko’s story will continue to evolve.


A younger version of Singed is shown in the first episode of Arcane. Though he’s only on screen for a few moments, it suggests that Singed is working closely with Silco, a new character introduced to the show who plays the role of Arcanethe bad guy.

The first act of Arcane is now available to stream on Netflix. The second act of the series will premiere on November 13.

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