Here are all the League of Legends champions so far in ‘Arcane’

The first three episodes of “Arcane” are finally out, offering the most in-depth look at all the League of Legends champions fans have ever seen. But which of the game’s many champions has made an appearance so far?

Read on to find out – but watch out for spoilers.


Jinx splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

The appearance of this League of Legends champion came as a surprise to no one as she was advertised as the main character before the series was released. She is also on the cover for most of the series’ advertisements. A young Jinx opens the series and sings in the background.

She covers her eyes while holding her sister’s hand, trying to avoid the carnage around them. Both characters are surrounded by a lot of destruction, with fires and seem almost as far as the eye can see. But amid the chaotic backdrop, Jinx and her sister encounter a man who leads them away from the scene. Jinx was featured in all three episodes that were released and she is actually known as “Powder” in her early years.


Vi is also another League champion that fans have been expecting to see. Jinx’s sister is also featured in the opening scene and continues to have a strong presence throughout the three episodes. The second protagonist is portrayed as a loving but hardened older sister who has planed her way through life.

Vi, like most other Zaunites, is ready to fight to wipe out the oppression they face at the hands of the Enforcers and the people of Piltover. She joins Claggor and Mylo on a raid on Piltover to rescue their adoptive father, Vander. But after Powder shows up, things don’t end well.


Ekko splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

The young, cute and intelligent Ekko enters “Arcane” about 29 minutes after the first episode. He shows up at the shop of a local merchant known as Benzo, who tells Ekko to leave the equipment he’s trying to fix and step aside for a while so he can talk to Vander. In the series, Ekko is good friends with Vi and her crew and he is also the ‘little guy’.


Singed appears at the end of episode one and is shown to be teaming up with the villain Silco, although as a side character he can slip under the radar.

The mad chemist shows his commitment to push the boundaries of science at all costs. In League of Legends lore, Singed focused on the chemical potential of alchemy, but his efforts were ridiculed by his peers. After his money ran out, he was forced to leave Piltover University and move to Zaun, where his work remained unchallenged.

At the end of episode one, Singed injects a mouse with a glowing substance to turn it into a monster. As the series progresses, we see more of this mysterious chemical being injected into humans, turning them into killing machines.


Ryze splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

Unlike most League of Legends champions in the first three episodes, Ryze comes in “Arcane” during a key flashback for Jayce. He appears to rescue Jayce and his mother as they froze to death in the frozen land of the Frejlord. After the Empire rescues them, he leaves Jayce with the crystal used to save them.


This League of Legends champion will be revealed in Arcane at the start of the second episode, along with another familiar face. The beginning of this episode shows that Vi and Jinx broke into Jayce’s apartment during the first episode, leaving Jayce in a mess after everything explodes when he opens the door.

After being investigated, Jayce is arrested and must face the Council for conducting unapproved investigations. He loses his place at the Piltover Academy, but is still convinced that he has found a way to harness magic through science.


Caitlyn splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

Caitlyn is the League champion revealed along with Jayce at the beginning of episode two. She comes from a wealthy family in Piltover and her parents are also Jayce’s patrons. Her mother is on the council, which was responsible for Jayce’s fate. She doesn’t get much to do just yet, but her time will come in future episodes of “Arcane.”


Like Jayce and Caitlyn, Viktor also makes his debut in “Arcane” during episode two. The usually masked mage champion is seen in academy uniform with a cane as he reviews Jayce’s incomplete investigation. In Arcane, Viktor is an assistant to the dean of the academy and orders Jayce to be arrested after his illegal experiments. He also pulls a 180 on his relationship with Jayce after discovering the targets of the illegal experiments.


Heimerdinger splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

Heimerdinger is the final League of Legends champion to be revealed in the first three episodes of “Arcane.” The Magician Champion is the dean of the Piltover Academy and also a member of its council. He enters Jayce’s jail cell to tell him what to say during the council hearing that will help him avoid a massive exile from the city. Heimerdinger’s portrayal in “Arcane” is in line with League lore that labels him a professor and one of Piltover’s most brilliant minds. Heimer also reveals that he is 307 years old.

With six episodes to go, more League of Legend champions could be included in the series. The next three episodes of “Arcane” will air on Netflix on November 13.

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