Here’s a new look at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 •

Epic Games has revealed what’s next for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 with its all-new “Flipped” trailer that highlights the island’s sensational new look.

“Due to a particularly cold winter, the first thing you will notice about the island is that the western half is a wintry biome,” the studio teases in the video description. “Maybe look past the suburb of Greasy Grove, the industrial Logjam Lumberyard and elsewhere.

“Like warmer weather? To the east are the tropics, with coastal keys, palm trees and weather-beaten sights to see. Although The Seven has outposts all over the island, the tropics are home to their home, ‘Sanctuary’. This connection is right next to the coast, where you can get a clear view of the colossal rock statue of The Foundation. And speaking of colossal, the towering, web-covered Daily Bugle building is also in the area. “

There is also even warmer weather thanks to the desert located in the south. Here you can “go cross-country running at Chonker’s Speedway, revel in cozy stays in Condo Canyon, and something that will wet even the driest eyes, ‘come down’ to the returning Butter Barn”.

There are also new weapons on the way: the Ranger assault rifle, the MK-Seven AR, the Strike Pump shotgun, an auto-shotgun, the Stinger SMG, a side-weapon pistol and the Hunter Bolt-Action sniper.

What about new characters that can be unlocked through Battle Pass? In addition to Spider-Man, you can unlock the “Lotus Walker” Shanta, which is unlocked right now with Battle Pass. There are also the wanderer Ronin, the no-nonsense lieutenant John Llama, the “taste-synthetic but attitude-authentic” Gumbo, the optimistic outlaw Harlowe and the island-raised and island-defending Haven. The head of The Seven The Foundation will be available later in the season.

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