Here’s what can get you excluded in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Online gambling can be a mess if there are no rules or guidelines to keep things in check. When people break certain rules, developers usually have to ban them to ensure a fair gaming environment for other users. This is why games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile regularly check their player base for unfair gameplay.

Battlegrounds Mobile India also has some pretty strict rules when it comes to their game. In fact, many violations will see a permanent ban on players. While a permanent ban can seem harsh, it is sometimes necessary. After looking at the list of violations, you agree that it is justified for most of them.

Permanent bans in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Permanent bans in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Use, develop, advertise, trade or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware devices: This one is simple. Do not create, sell or distribute hacking software or hardware.

Modification of game client, servers and game data: Like the one above. Do not use hacks like aimbots or wallhacks.

Exploitation of errors and mistakes: The game will not ban you if you encounter an error. However, if you start using the same error to gain an unfair advantage, you may be excluded.

Discriminatory law: Self explanatory. Discrimination based on race, religion or gender has no place in humanity, let alone Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Team kill: Although you will not be able to shoot your team in Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are still ways you can kill your team. Killing a teammate by accident should not lead to a ban, but it will constantly do so.

Teaming: Simple really. If you are playing single player mode, do not join another player.

Stalking: Stalking here refers to the act of following a player across multiple matches. Possibly to disrupt their game.

Publication of personal information: This one is pretty obvious. Publishing someone’s personal information, especially without their consent, is not cool.

Addict: The term abuse here refers to abuse of gameplay. This includes things like determining match results. Verbal abuse has its own punishment.

Using another user’s account / Restrict account usage: Again, use only the account associated with you and you alone.

Abuse of AFK: AFK (Away From Keyboard) is a tactic where players just participate in a match and then do nothing. They are then fed on the hard work of their teammates while not contributing anything on their own. Do not do this.

Disruptive business operations: In short, players should not spread false information, abuse the customer

Abnormal gameplay: Abnormal gameplay is a large and generic term that could include anything that developers do not consider to be within the parameters of standard gameplay.

Inappropriate advertising: Basically, do not sell anything to other players while you are playing.

Abnormal payment or subscription: Only use legitimate and approved ways when you get items in the game.

Abuse of open market policies and processes: Using loopholes or abusing store policies can also get you banned.

Trading / sales accounts: Pretty straightforward. If you try to sell your account, it will be banned.

90 days you

Use of inappropriate nicknames and clan names: No matter how funny you think the name is, try to keep things family friendly.

Inappropriate use of profile picture: Again, keep things family friendly and do not use text on your profile picture.

30 day ban

Inappropriate language: Be careful what you say, otherwise you will be excluded for a short period of time.

Gameplay interference: Gameplay interference should range from providing players to using the spectator mode to informing a friend about the enemy’s locations.

3-day you

Investigate the use of unauthorized programs or hardware devices: If you are suspected of using hacks, the developers may ban your account for a few days while they investigate.


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