Hilarious Monster Hunter Fan Art Combines Uragaan and Thanos

Monster Hunter is a franchise known for its, well, monsters. In fact, there are hundreds of different monsters that players can hunt and kill, varying in size, appearance, and skills. However, one fan noticed a clear resemblance between the monster Uragaan and Thanos, a powerful villain from Marvel’s comic and movie franchise.

Uragaan is a beast that first appeared in the third Monster Hunter game. Despite his imposing size, he can curl his body into a ball and roll it at high speeds, usually with the intent of crushing the player. Thanos, meanwhile, is one of Marvel’s most infamous super-villains; he famously wiped out half the universe using the Infinity Stones.


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While these two may not have much in common, they share one key trait: they both have massive chins. Both have been the subject of many memes in their respective fan communities, and some have already pointed out the similarities. However, Reddit user Cambomerican takes it a step further by creating a movie poster featuring “Uragaanos,” a combined Uragaan and Thanos. The body itself remains Uragaan’s, but the head and chin are exchanged for Thanos’s. Together, the two form a monster that can be somehow terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

While the artwork is clearly intended to be humorous, Cambomerican’s small details take the fan art to the next level. First, the Infinity Stones feature prominently on Uragaanos’ forehead, a nod to Thanos’ greatest super-villain feat. In addition, the text in the left corner is written in the classic avengers font and even includes the trademark arrow. The image is clearly reminiscent of Avengers: Infinity War, a widely memorable film in pop culture and cinema, which is likely the post’s success in the Monster Hunter subreddit.

Artwork is a cornerstone of fandom as a whole, offering fans the chance to produce original content for their favorite property. It’s a special moment when fan art like this goes viral; everyone can smile and the artist can focus an extra pair of eyes on their work. Best of all, it’s free, making it accessible to any member of the community.

Both Monster Hunter and avengers are hugely popular in their respective genres, so it’s no wonder there’s some overlap between their fans. As mentioned before, comparisons have long been made between Uragaan and Thanos, but Cambomerican’s work stands out from the rest for its attention to detail and is sure to provide plenty of entertainment to Monster Hunters many enthusiasts.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch, with a PC version set to be released on January 12, 2022.

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Jack Black Wolverine X-Men
Fanart depicts Jack Black in the role of Wolverine

Jokes aside, Jack Black looks intriguingly good in what would be the role of a lifetime as Wolverine in Marvel Studios’ X-Men.

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