Hilton’s Husband Carter Reum Has ‘Open Invitation’ To Be A Part Of A Child’s Life

The former TV reality star who has a daughter with Paris Hilton’s new husband told The Post on Tuesday that she is giving the newlyweds an “open invitation” to get involved in the little girl’s life.

“The more people [who] proactively loving Evie the better,” Laura Bellizzi said in an exclusive statement, referring to her 9-year-old child with Hilton’s new husband, Carter Reum.

“Nothing makes up for the lack of both parents,” said Bellizzi, who starred on VH1’s “Secrets of Aspen” and briefly dated Reum around 2011.

Paris Hilton Carter Reum
Carter Reum’s estranged nine-year-old daughter Evie has written him a letter after his marriage to Paris Hilton.
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“This applies to all children. It takes a village to raise great children,” she said.

“Carter, his new wife, and… [his extended] family will continue to receive an open invitation if one of them decides to participate in Evie’s life.”

Reum and hotel heiress Hilton were married on November 11 at her late grandfather’s Bel Air estate, a ceremony followed by three days of lavish celebrity celebrations.

One person who was not at the wedding was little Evie, her mother noted.

Bellizzi said her daughter has been longing to meet Reum ever since she’s seen photos and read stories about his recent marriage to Hilton.

Laura Bellizzi and Carter Reum
Laura Bellizzi has given her ex, Carter Reum, an open invitation to meet their daughter.
Facebook via Bellizzi

The Post received a copy of a letter the child wrote to her father, begging him to “have a relationship” with her.

“If you choose to respond to me, I will be so happy,” the little girl wrote.

Page Six broke the story Monday that Reum, who married Hilton last week in a star-studded fashion, didn’t see his daughter until she was born, according to a source.

A Reum representative said the venture capitalist has been “candid” with Hilton about his situation from the start of their relationship and that he has taken on his financial responsibilities for Evie since she was born.

The rep added that the newly married couple is “looking forward to starting a family together in the future”.

Reum is worth about $40 million and runs a successful business with his older brother Courtney.

Ever since reading about her father’s marriage to Paris Hilton, Carter Reum’s daughter has been asking about him.
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Belizzi said she and Reum were first friends before dating. When the short relationship didn’t work out, they moved on to other people.

The former VH1 star said she was dating actor Mel Gibson when she found out she was pregnant with Evie.

Bellizzi said she wants nothing more from Reum than to give their daughter the chance to get to know him.

“It’s unfortunate to live in a society that systematically allows absent fathers while openly stigmatizing single mothers who work up a sweat raising amazing children,” she wrote in her statement.

“This topic is at the root of many social problems and needs to change.”


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