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Lewis Hamilton has the championship lead, but his rival appears to be the small favorite to take the title among his competitors.

But with just two points separating the pair heading into this weekend’s race, the recurring theme among those asked who will win the title was how difficult it is to predict the closest championship fight in years.

“It is a question that is impossible to answer,” said Charles Leclerc. “They are both very competitive this year and it is Max or Lewis who are going to be at the top, obviously.

“But I don’t know, it’s very close, and it’s definitely good for the sport, for Formula 1. I wish I was there to fight them, but that’s not the case yet.”

But with seven wins to Hamilton’s five so far, Leclerc suspects Max Verstappen will overtake him.

“My feeling is that Max will probably come out on top because he seems to have been faster in more cases than Lewis this year. So my feeling is that.

Leclerc suspects Verstappen will beat Hamilton for title

“But Lewis is an extremely consistent driver and is always there when you don’t expect him to be there. So it’s going to be a very close fight. But if I follow my feelings now, it’s probably Max. “

Fernando Alonso, a two-time world champion and former Hamilton teammate, also spoke about Verstappen’s chances.

“He seems to deal with pressure better than other people,” Alonso said. “Each of us is different, but it seems like it’s not a big deal to him. Every weekend he participates race by race. So I think that’s the right approach for these remaining races. “

Since Verstappen posted three straight wins in the middle of the season, Mercedes has improved its game. Esteban Ocon, who is led by Mercedes, therefore suspects that Hamilton will beat his rival and claim a record eighth title.

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“I’m going for Lewis,” Ocon said. “I agree that Red Bull and Max have been a bit faster, but I am confident that Mercedes will change that.”

George Russell, Williams, Istanbul Park, 2021
Russell foresees another title for his next teammate

But he hopes that “all the time it will be close” between the two. “I’ve seen a statistic where he’s probably been closest in a long, long time. So this is great for the show, great for everyone, wait until the end.

“They are both great drivers and they push the limits to fight each other. So it’s fun. Hopefully we can all be up to the task to fight for the title next year with the new regulations ”.

Hamilton’s future teammate George Russell believes his experience will count in the end. “Mercedes and Lewis have the experience and have obviously been here seven times before in the last seven years and I think that will work in their favor when the decisive moment comes.

Obviously Red Bull and Max have been incredibly fast all year. Yes, I think due to recent experiences, probably Lewis and Mercedes. “

While Hamilton’s current teammate Valtteri Bottas noted that he still has “a theoretical chance,” he added, “but after me, if I don’t win, then Lewis.”

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Unsurprisingly, AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost, who gave Hamilton’s rival his F1 debut, said: “I hope Max Verstappen is king.” Ferrari’s sporting director, Laurent Mekies, hopes you won’t be disappointed.

Raikkonen hopes technical problems won’t decide the title

“It’s a great fight,” Mekies said. “After 15 races or more, there are two or three points of difference, so it’s great to see it.

“[I’m] probably drawing Franz’s side in saying that we’ll probably see a bit more speed in the last few races with Max. But I’m sure it will be a very tough fight until the last race ”.

Whichever driver comes out ahead, Formula 1 has produced its tightest championship in years. Kimi Raikkonen, who won a memorable title fight in 2007, just wants to see the competition decided by whoever is faster, rather than technical problems.

“I hope that it is decided on the track and not that one has to have a mechanical problem or something that decides,” he said. “I think it’s doing the sport a lot of good to have two very close guys fighting for it.

“I can’t make up my mind, but we will all know when the time comes. It would be really boring if we knew right now. “

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