How to build a shelter and survive exposure

Since you’re on an unknown planet in Icarus, you will have to fight with wild animals, as well as changes in the weather. To be fair, though, the whole mechanic seems a little strange. Imagine you are wearing a high-tech Envirosuit for space exploration, and yet you are at the mercy of Mother Nature when there is a light drizzle. In any case, here is ours Icarus guide to help you build a shelter so you can survive exposure to the elements.

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Icarus Guide: Build shelters to survive exposure and weather

Crafting Tech Tree

After you have leveled up a bit Icarus, you should have enough points to unlock some tech tree blueprints. You want to get the following:

  • Wooden beam – We do not need to build it, but it is a requirement to unlock the rest.
  • Wooden floor, wooden wall and wooden ramp / roof – each requires a technical point to unlock. For materials, each piece needs 12x fiber and 20x wood.
  • Wooden door – Requires 8x fiber and 10x wood.

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Use of cheap materials or building a stronghold

Icarus is a rather strange game that has different modes. One mode, Outposts, provides a relaxing sandbox experience. This is actually where you will exercise your creative flair by building massive bases and strongholds as there are no hours. On the other hand, Prospect missions are all dependent on a session-based timer (which usually lasts a week when you start it). Because of this, and because you only have a handful of mission goals, you do not actually need to build giant castles. In fact, you can just stick to the above mentioned wooden constructions.

An ideal little shelter in Icarus would have at least six wooden walls, a few roof structures and a door. For walls and roofs, you can hold down the “R” button to switch to another variant. Walls with openings can be used to let doors “click” into place.

Note: You can move the mouse over a built-in structure to disassemble it, causing it to return to your inventory. If you right-click on the item and destroy it, you will be refunded some of the materials you used so you can make again. This is a decent way to earn extra XP.

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Indoor facilities, beds and repairs

If wooden beds and bed rolls are surrounded by walls, the game will think they are in a shelter. This allows you to interact with a rental, making it a temporary spawn point if you die. If you need to sleep, however, there must be a campfire nearby. Try not to place bonfires near wooden structures, otherwise they will burn down. This is also why we want to avoid the thatched structures in the craft technology tree as they are more likely to catch fire. Alternatively, you can simply place the campfire outside the shelter.

Note: Built structures have a durability status. You will need to repair them from time to time due to wear and tear or animal infestation. You can use a tool such as a wood repair hammer for this (10x fiber, 4x stick and 8x stone).

Icarus Building Shelter Exposure 1

Travel further and avoid exposure

What exactly is the exposure mechanic in? Icarus? Well, at regular intervals you will receive warnings about extreme weather phenomena (i.e. strong winds, showers, storms and the like). If you are outdoors, you will see the exposure bar rise. You will then slowly begin to suffer from endurance and slower speed of movement. If the exposure line is filled, your character’s HP will gradually decrease until you die. That is why staying inside a shelter in Icarus is important.

Here are some ways to avoid exposure while traveling further on the map:

  • Disassemble your mini-shelter to keep them in your fixtures. Rebuild your base when you reach another location.
  • Find a cave and stay inside during storms or extreme weather. Just watch out for cave worms.
  • If you can not find a cave and you do not want to spend a lot of resources, you can just have one wooden roof. This can be built next to a mountain, although there are times when it would crumble due to texture overlap. If this happens, you can just loot a few wooden walls down, then pick the wooden roof and turn it. If placed at an angle, you can stay under the roof and avoid being exposed to the harsh elements (seen in the image below).

Icarus Building Shelter Exposure 2

Icarus is available via Steam.

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