I do not trust him, I am afraid that he will end up being a floop in chelsea- says Tuchel about the chelsea star

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Chelsea paid a £ 4.3 million loan fee to sign the Spanish international midfielder from Atlético de Madrid on the day of the transfer deadline with the option of a permanent £ 35 million contract at the end of the season.


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But Tuchel pulled him out after just 45 minutes into his debut against Aston Villa last month and he hasn’t played in the Premier League since.

Tuchel said: “Saul was very, very close to starting against Southampton on Saturday, but in the end I decided against him.

“I thought it would be unfair to put him against an opponent pressing so high in midfield and say ‘OK, now it shows that your adaptation has gone further.’

“So I hesitated a bit, but he has to worry because he has everything we want.

“He just has to work hard to adapt and the opportunities will come for him.”

Saul is one of 22 senior internationals vying for a place on the Chelsea squad.

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