I left a passive-aggressive note for the man my wife cheated on me with

Being cheated on can be extremely painful – especially if you catch them in the act with someone else.

One husband decided to handle the messy situation in a very British way and wrote a very passive-aggressive note.

A husband wrote a passive-aggressive note to the man he caught sleeping with his wife


A husband wrote a passive-aggressive note to the man he caught sleeping with his wifeCredit: Reddit

The man took to Reddit to share the handwritten note with his wife’s lover.

He captioned the post: “Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Are you sure I hit the right note?”

He addressed the note to the other man and wrote, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you’re sleeping with someone who is married and we’re not in an open relationship, so you shouldn’t really do the dirty stuff with her.

“I understand things can be lonely so don’t mind if you stop by for a drink while I’m gone, but could you warn me in the future so I can move my car for you.”

He ended the note with the words, “Cheers, No. 86.”

Many people were quick to share their reaction to the note, and many found it hilarious.

One person wrote: “I think saying ‘I don’t mind popping in for a brew, temporarily confusing the message and potentially opening you up to the same problem happening again.’

Another added: “Why don’t cheaters just break up with the person they’re with if they want to be with someone else so badly?

“Does not make any sense.”

A third person wrote: “I think they got the message across in a perfect rendering of English passive aggression and that person will stop.”

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