Icestorm Expedition Guide – Device Components and Activation

A few early game missions in Icarus – Livewire Terrain Scan and Kill List Extermination – takes place in temperate regions of the planet. Eventually, however, you will have to venture out into a frozen landscape. Here is ours Icarus guide to help you with the Icestorm Expedition Prospect mission, including the device component locations and Disrupt activation.

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Icarus: Icestorm Expedition Prospect Mission Guide – Locating Device Components and Disabling Activation

Before you start the Icestorm Expedition mission Icarus, make sure you have earned more XP to reach level 20. Ideally, you will want to do this when you are able to make the Fur Armor Set. You can also learn a few other tips in our Arctic Biome survival guide.

Device Component Location # 1

Our first goal in the Icestorm Expedition mission in Icarus is to find the three device components. The first is southwest of the dropship (N12). You will pass through a ravine filled with trees and you will see a ridge to the side. Open the large container and pick up the task that is inside.

Icarus Icestorm Expedition Device Component Locations Enable Disrupts 1

The southern glacier

Once you have the first component, make sure you are fully prepared. Even though you are currently in a temperate area, you will soon be heading to the frozen wilderness and ravines of the southern glacier. Try to bring extra food and oxygen as they will be harder to refill in this area. However, you can melt ice to turn it into water. Likewise, you can use your hoe to hollow out large rock formations that serve as temporary shelters. If you bring a bedroll, you can even turn it into a mobile spawn point if your character dies.

Finally keep an eye on polar bears. They are extremely dangerous, and even though the mission of the Icestorm expedition enters Icarus occurs early in the game, these enemies are actually 30 to 40 levels higher. If you have unlocked the solo wooden talent Very, Very Quiet, you can try to sneak past these beasts.

Icrsrv Arc Ms3 Icst Exp 1

Device Component Location # 2

The second device component can be found on a ridge to your left as you leave the gorge (N14 / 15).

Icarus Icestorm Expedition Device Component Locations Enable Disrupts 2

Device Component Location # 3

The third and final unit component is just west of your position (M14). You should see a blue circle indicating a frozen lake, which means you are near the place.

Icarus Icestorm Expedition Device Component Locations Enable Disrupts 3

Activate the Disruptor

Now that you have all three device components, open your craft tab. You will be able to create the acoustic cavitation cannon. To activate the Disruptor in the Icestorm Expedition mission in Icarus, you need to find a protected place. It is useless to build wooden structures here because the snowstorm will destroy your furniture, but you can go into the cave north of the M14. Stay at the entrance until the blizzard subsides and watch out for the cave worms deep inside.

Unfortunately, even though caves are considered shelters, the Disrupter does not work while you are inside. Instead, you can look for a nearby rock formation. Hollow it out with a notch and place the Disrupter inside. Press “E” to activate it and wait until it reaches 100%. You can also place a bonfire and crawl into the cramped space to wait for the process to complete. When you are done, return to the dropship to complete your run.

Note: There seems to be a flaw that prevents people from earning currency rewards if they play offline.

Icrsrv Arc Ms3 Icst Exp 2

Icarus is available via Steam.

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