I’ll play until my teammates kick me out of the team, says hockey goalie PR Sreejesh

After a terrific performance by the hockey teams at the Tokyo Olympics, the road has only gotten tougher for the 2024 Paris Games, with all the expectations. PR Sreejesh, who was one of the pillars of the team during the Olympics, feels that he can make it to the next Games and has the motivation to do so.

India’s goalkeeper PR Sreejesh, who helped India win a medal in hockey after a 41-year span, has said he wants to keep playing until the Paris Olympics, which is subject to his performance and fitness.

“No player will say no to the Olympics, we are greedy people. The motivation will always be to work hard and do your best.

“I have had a 21-year career. So I will always want to play one more game, one more Olympiad, so as long as the members of my team do not kick me out, I will stay in the team for sure, ”he said during the India Today conclave.

And he added: “But nothing is certain in the life of an athlete. There may be an injury, performance may drop, others may do better than me. “

When patron Manpreet Singh was asked about Sreejeshs’ chances of reaching Paris, he said: “He is going to Paris on our side. Sreejesh is the best goalkeeper so we would like him to be in goal. We have confidence in him, but the rest depends on his physical condition and other things ”.

On the other hand, the captain of the women’s team, Rani Rampal, said: “For us, 2016 was the first Olympics, we didn’t win any matches and I think it was a turning point for us because we learned to handle the pressure in such a big event. and these were a different Olympics because we lost the first three games, but we still had the confidence in ourselves, “he said.

“We lost the Netherlands and Germany, but we played good hockey and this gave us the confidence that we can beat other teams and that belief helped us overcome Australia.”

Senior member and goalkeeper Savita Punia said: “We had qualified after 36 years at the 2016 Olympics, but there was no performance. I was not happy with my performance, so in the next 4-5 years we wanted to do something.

“The England game we did not play well and in hindsight, because of that match, we did well in the following matches. Our coach was so upset that he didn’t have lunch with us.

“So the Ireland game was more important than the quarter-finals, which was a pressure game. We knew Australia is a good team, they were ranked higher so the pressure was on them.

“We were also confident because we had lost a close match against Australia at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 so we just wanted to do better, there was no other option.”

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