Is it Manningcast tonight, October 4?

Will the fan-favorite American football Manningcast air tonight?

One of the highlights so far in the 2021 NFL season has been the Monday night football Manningcast. In an alternate broadcast on ESPN2, brothers Peyton and Eli Manning invite viewers into their homes as they watch and react to the game together. The broadcast is a star-studded weekly event with a guest in each quarter and is always a lot of fun.

Is Manningcast on Raiders vs Chargers Week 4?

Unfortunately for Manningcast fans, there won’t be one for Monday night’s football game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Fans will be without beloved Mannings for the next three weeks, and the Manning brothers will return to television on October 25, in Week 7, when the Seattle Seahawks host the New Orleans Saints.

Why isn’t Manningcast enabled for Raiders vs Chargers?

When ESPN developed the idea for Manning’s alternate broadcast, both the company and Mannning only agreed to 10 broadcasts per season in the contract. Which means the brothers would only join the fans for 10 out of 17 Monday night football clashes.

Given that this year was the launch of the Manningcast, it was quite unknown how it would be received. Three weeks later and it’s clear the fans are loving it as the rating continues to improve. The broadcast is comical, knowledgeable, and just a general casual view of soccer with two great quarterbacks and their many famous friends. Success bodes well, as the Manning signed to do this until at least the 2023 season.

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