Iskra Lawrence Calls Up ‘Harmful’ Photo Retouching Apps

Iskra Lawrence is tired of retouching.

The model and body acceptance advocate took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a before and after video of himself after it was run through an instant photo editing app. Lawrence’s face was brighter in the retouched photo and looked noticeably different from her original – but the work was subtle enough to show no obvious signs of manipulation.

That, says Lawrence, is where it gets tricky. She stated in her video that these apps should contain “warnings” and a “minimum age limit”.

The NEDA ambassador, who recently spoke about finding self-confidence after gaining weight, captioned the post: “How is someone supposed to accept themselves when these kinds of apps are readily available and can immediately airbrush and change the way we look? We literally have a society that goes out of their way to make us hate the way we look and compare ourselves not just to each other but to unrealistic Photoshopped versions.”

Lawrence, who said she was inspired to create the video by podcaster Kenzie Brenna, encouraged her followers to share the post with “anyone who struggles with body image” and “young people” who “may not realize that the images they consume not are real.”

“Apps like this won’t go away, so we need to educate ourselves and each other not to let what we see online affect how we feel about ourselves in real life,” she said. “When you need to be reminded that you’re just good enough just the way you are.”

Many people in her comments section praised Lawrence for bringing up the apps, with one writing, “We don’t have to add anything to the unrealistic expectations already imposed on us by a society that believes that if you’re not a twig with breasts, you somehow failed in life – that you are worth less. It’s sad to me that society’s messages have literally brainwashed the entire world so effectively.”

Another added: “I feel the same way, 100%! Young people should not be exposed to the unrealistic expectations online. It affects adults so much, imagine the impact it has on children.”

Lawrence is not alone in being concerned about these apps. Retouching images on social media has become a hot-button problem because many people think that seeing edited photos can distort our ideas of what our bodies should look like. In fact, influencers in Norway will now have to reveal which of their photos have been retouched in an effort for the country to tackle body pressure.

Some social media users like Lawrence are now taking it upon themselves to show that the pictures we see online are not realistic.

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