It looks like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the exact same ROM

Photo: The Pokémon Company

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Since the beginning of Pokémon series, the main games are nicely divided into two versions, and although they are usually the same basic game, there are differences to note – such as the Pokémon you start with or the monsters you may encounter along the way. The system was established to encourage players to trade with each other, thereby getting monsters that are not included in the version they own.

This has been done in the past by making two different ROMs of the game, but with Pokémon brilliant diamond and shiny pearl, it seems that the process has been streamlined because unscrupulous types who have accessed the game early report that you can flip between the two versions from the same ROM.

On the surface, it makes a lot of sense. The base game is pretty much identical across the two variants, so why not consolidate this data and just have a ‘flag’ that determines which version you play? It is worth noting that unless you run the game illegally on a hacked console, you will not be able to switch between Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so this news will be largely irrelevant to the millions of people who have to intends to purchase the game through legitimate means.

Of course, that means if you buy the double package, you are technically to buy the exact same game twice – even if there is no way to switch between them on an unchecked Switch.

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