‘It will be clear that there are tensions between them’: Former Pakistani captain on potential shift change between Kohli & Rohit | Cricket

The upcoming series against South Africa is important for two of India’s contemporary greats – Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. For the latter, it’s about confirming his position as captain of the test team and letting his arrow speak. Secondly, it is about ensuring a smooth change of guard in relation to the ODI captain. Despite clear differences in captaincy, many people are of the opinion that Rohit could also get the red ball. Former Pakistani captain Salman Butt is reacting to the claim, saying that if it happens, it will be bad for cricket.

Virat Kohli will lead India in a three-match test series scheduled for December 26 in Centurion. After that, Rohit Sharma will head the ODI side. Butt, when asked by a fan if BCCI will hand over the test captaincy to Rohit if India lose this series, said:

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“I do not think it should happen; it will not be to any advantage. But I can not say whether it happens or not. If it does, it will be clear that there are tensions between them and that they will not come. so good out of it.there can be no other reason to tear the captain away from a captain who has won the most matches abroad among all other Indian captains.One series should not affect his leadership.I do ‘I do not think “it will happen, and the less they happen, the better. And if they happen often, then it’s harmful to cricket.”

Kohli actually has an enviable record as the nation’s test captain. Overall, he has led the team in 66 matches, won 39, lost 16 and drawn 11. He holds the record for most wins by an Indian captain in tests, with MS Dhoni finishing second at 27.

In addition, when it comes to overseas tests, Kohli has a full 15 victories under his belt, leaving Sourav Ganguly with 11.

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