Jeaneane Falkler appointed President of Technicolor Games | Job Roundup

It can be difficult to keep track of the different comings and goings in the gaming industry, which is why we compile them in semi-regular rounds.

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Jeaneane Falkler | Technicolor Games President


Former Lionbridge Vice President Jeaneane Falker has joined the Technicolor Games as president.

Prior to her time at Lionbridge, Falkler previously served as a senior consultant for Microsoft and worked at Minecraft in 2018.

She also worked for several years at the QA and localization firm VMC, where she served as senior director of strategic partnerships.

“I’m excited to be a part of Technicolor Creative Studios at such an exciting time,” Falkler said.

“The opportunities for growth in this industry are phenomenal and I could not ask for a more talented team. Technicolor is a strong brand with an excellent track record in art, animation and VFX – a place where creativity and storytelling meet technology and innovation. . “

John Needham | Riot Games president of esports

Former head of global esports at Riot Games John Needham has been promoted to president of esports.

Needham has been a part of the company for almost five years. He originally joined Riot Games in 2017 as CEO of its European studio. Prior to joining the League of Legends creator, Needham was the study leader for Lionhead from 2013 to 2015.

The position is the first for the company as he will lead the division, which will now bring together all esports titles and companies.

Needham’s first act as president of esports was to approve Project Stryker, a multi-million dollar push to revise the company’s e-sports efforts with remote broadcast centers around the world.

Other recent appointments in the industry include:

Leanne Ross | Director of the New Zealand Game Developers Association
Previously: Director, Startup Dunedin

Matt Martin | Internal Communications Manager, Minecraft
Previously: Senior Editor, ReedPop

Ben Cousins ​​| Head of European Studio Operations, FunPlus
Formerly: CEO, The Outsiders

Christian Schommer | Technical Manager, Gamigo
Formerly: Technical Manager, Sovendus

Brandon Jackson | Production Manager, Atomhawk Canada
Formerly: Development Director, EA Vancouver

Ken Henderson | Art Manager, Atomhawk Canada
Previously: Senior Director – Animation Concept Art Program, Vancouver Film School

Matt McCloskey | Vice President and General Manager of North America, Mobile Premier League
Formerly: Vice President of Business and Process Transformation, Toys’R’Us Canada

William Cox | Head of Mobile Publishing and Marketing, Kwalee
Formerly: Studio Operations Manager, Ubisoft Singapore

David Welch | Creative Product Manager, Keen Games
Previously: Senior Creative Director, 505 Games

Robbie Cooke | Senior global brand manager, Deep Silver
Formerly: Head of Group Marketing, Rebellion

Charmaine St John | Leader of the people, Hutch
Formerly: Leader of People, Fuse

Damian Hosen | Game Director, Hutch
Previously: Creative Director and Design Manager, NaturalMotion

April Huang | License Manager, Hutch
Previously: Producer, Codemasters

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