Jessica Simpson praised for ‘honesty’ after sharing addiction height photo

Jessica Simpson has been praised after posting a photo of the height of her alcohol addiction.

The singer and actor, 41, shared the photo, which was taken in 2017 and labeled “unrecognizable”, on Instagram in honor of her four years of sobriety.

In the caption, she described the “version” of herself in the photo as someone who had to overcome her addiction.

“This person in the early morning of November 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself,” she wrote.

“I had so much self-discovery to unlock and explore. I knew in this moment that I would allow myself to take back my light, show victory over my inner battle of self-esteem, and face this world with piercing clarity. ”

The Dukes of Hazzard actor continued: “There is so much stigma around the word alcoholism or the label of an alcoholic. The real work that needed to be done in my life was to actually accept failure, pain, brokenness, and self-sabotage.

“The drinking wasn’t the problem. I was. I didn’t love myself. I did not respect my own strength.”

Jessica Simpson praised for ‘honesty’ after sharing unrecognizable photo

(Instagram @jessicasimpson)

Simpson, who said she’s “made up for the fears and…accepted the parts of my life that are just sad,” was supported by her fans and fellow celebrities after sharing the post.

“WILDLY FAIR,” wrote comedian Chelsea Handler, as Hollywood star Diane Keaton shared multiple heart emojis.

“So Much Honesty”, Thor actor Jamie Alexander added, with reality TV star Snooki stating: “YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION & this is exactly why you are literally my role model. Love you forever.”

A fan page dedicated to Simpson wrote: “The way you’ve always led honestly is touching. Your team of lifers loves you!”

Simpson previously spoke about her addiction in the 2020 memoir Open book.

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