Jim Irsay met with Frank Reich, Chris Ballard for a few hours after the loss to the Jaguars

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The Colts’ amazing loss to the Jaguars on Sunday led to a long meeting between the team’s top decision makers. But so far there have been no major consequences.

At Monday’s press conference, head coach Frank Reich told reporters he, team owner Jim Irsay and general manager Chris Ballard had a talk that lasted a few hours after the season finale.

“It was a good conversation, a supportive conversation, but also demanding and desired answers, [with Irsay] wants to hold us accountable, ”Reich said via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis star.

Reich added that he and Ballard left the conversation “with the decision: ‘We are getting better.’ … We went from there and said, ‘We’ve got a lot of the right pieces in place.’

Still, the Colts were 9-6 after defeating the Cardinals Christmas Day and went on to lose their last two games to the Raiders and Jaguars to fall out of the off-season.

“It was hard to imagine after the Arizona game, we get to 9-6, we feel like we’re one of the two or three teams to fight, a team everyone talks about,” Reich said. “When you think about how all this was going to end, no one, including myself, really thought it would end the way it did the last two weeks. It’s something that can not be undone. It’s part of our record. It’s part of my record.… It’s a scar. ”

Indianapolis will now have a long low season to find out what went wrong and how to fix it heading into 2022.

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