Jump Force: Digital sale of the title and online service ends next year

Do you remember the bubbling excitement surrounding Jump Force a few years back? Both Anime and Brawler fans came together to either relive their favorite fights / fantasy fights across countless series or embark on a new, ambitious fighting experience that heralds a significant list upon release. I may not have bought Jump Force when it was launched back in 2019, but I remember putting together a short biography of each Jump Force character as a Game Informer trainee. I was impressed with the sheer amount of licensed anime shows that were to show up in the game (and exhausted at the end of writing all of these dossiers). Early next year, however, Jump Force’s digital accessibility and online services are coming to an end in America.

Bandai Namco US released one short statement and fact sheet on Twitter today to bring the news and provide any extra details to fans planning to play the game after the launch date, “Our sincere thanks go out to all Jump Force players and fans for their support; but with all good things to they come to an end, “reads the tweet.” Jump Force’s availability through digital purchasing in North and South America ends on 2/7/2022 at. 17.00 PST. “This decision applies to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC regular / deluxe versions of the game.

In addition, here is all the content that will no longer be available:

  • Log in to the multiplayer lobby.
  • Online events
  • Clan functions
  • See notice board
  • See the rankings
  • Acceptance of rewards from the reward counter
  • Shop in the game
  • Premium Shop (Only this feature will be available until 2022/8/1)
  • Online ranked match

And here is the content that will still be available:

  • Offline content
  • Online matches (excluding ranked matches)
  • DLC (DLCs purchased before the end of the sale will still be available for use when the online service ends.)

Unfortunately, our own Kyle Hilliard did not enjoy Jump Force. He gave the game a 6/10 and ended his review by saying: “Regardless of all the damage that the medium-sized presentation does to Jump Force, the battles have satisfyingly explosive moments and the online-against mode works well. There is depth to uncover in the match, but it never really sang for me or made me excited to tackle the next match.Mostly, I was just happy not to have to repeat a match when I won, even though I performed iconic attacks from some of my favorite anime. “

If you’re an anime fan who’s always been interested in Jump Force, but has never found the time to grab a copy, this might be your only chance now; the clock is counting down!

Are you sad to see Jump Force go? What were / are your feelings for Bandai Namco’s anime crossover fighting game?

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