Kaleidoscopic patterns wind around miniature snakes, beautifully cast in glass



#glass #miniature #snakes

January 14, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Ryan Eicher

Intricate line work and trippy, geometric motifs flow through Ryan Eicher’s tiny blown glass snakes. The Maryland-based artist casts smooth, colorful gradients, rainbow stripes, thin parallel bands and intersecting helices within the coiled bodies of the snakes, a challenge as the texture of the patterns shifts as he forms the shapes. Each miniature creature is only a few millimeters wide, and many of Eicher’s most recent pieces feature a mishmash of lines and shapes created with artists like Future Glass and Emerson, among others. You can find details on those collaboration pieces on Instagram and head over to Etsy to add one of the little snakes to your collection.

#glass #miniature #snakes

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